AxonIQ Initializr

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In this blog, we will cover AxonIQ Initializr.

What is AxonIQ Initializr

The AxonIQ Initializr is a web application that creates an Axon project structure for you. It doesn’t generate any application code, but it will give you a solid project structure, offering either a Maven or a Gradle build specification to suit your needs.

Why Initialzr

Sometimes the most challenging part of any project is getting started. Tasks such as creating the structure for various project artifacts, creating a build file, determining maven coordinates, and picking the right dependency versions can be boring and repetitive. Initializers like the Spring Initializr aim to remove much of this toil so you can focus on your coding.  

Getting Started

Just navigate to in the browser of your choice. Once there, specify your application coordinates (GroupID, ArtifactID, etc), the project type you would like (Maven or Gradle), your choice of language, and which version of Java you’d like to use. From that point, you are then able to specify what dependencies your project requires. The Axon Framework (axon-spring-boot-starter) and Axon Test (axon-test) dependencies are included in every project by default. 


If you wish to include additional dependencies, just click on the blue ‘plus’ icon in the upper right corner. This brings up the search dialogue allowing you to find and select many other common dependencies such as Actuator, Lombok, or DevTools. 

If you would like to use the AxonIQ Initializr from inside IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate Edition only), no problem! It’s possible to do this from the ‘New Project’ dialog using the ‘Spring Initializr’ option on the left.  After you have chosen this option, customize the Server URL by clicking on the gear next to the Server URL and entering This will allow you to create a new project. 



Hence, we have seen how to create an Axon project structure using AxonIQ Initializr.