Back2Basics: Catalogue #1

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Knoldus Inc is proud to announce the launch of program “Back2Basics”. Back2Basics is our effort to add value to the Scala ecosystem by exploring not so explored concepts in Scala.

The idea behind the inception of the program is to develop an understanding of Scala concepts that are hard to understand and not frequently used by developers.

In this program, we have two parallel tracks namely Scala deep dive and Advance Scala that explore the various concepts in Scala. In our effort to do so we shall be rolling out a series of blogs and tutorials.  Our blogs and videos will help you navigate easily through the concepts and provide you with sample examples to understand and explore the concepts.

The following series of blogs have been launched for Deep Dive into Scala and Scala Cats respectively and we will be launching video lessons in future.

Scala Deep Dive

Advanced Scala

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