Best 5 Project Management Tools that are Highly Effective

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Project management

Need for the Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools are needed to help project teams to plan, track and manage their projects in a better way so that the project goals can be achieved within time.

These tools also help teams to collaborate in an effective way. Project teams can create user stories, issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across team members. These tools are very useful to make the process smoother and better for everyone.

Analysis, Comparison of Different Tools, and Conclusion

There are several tools available these days which offer a wide range of project management functions. Choosing the best tool is not an easy task; therefore, before selecting a project management tool, it is necessary to understand the aspects that are vital in order to make an informed decision.

For example Task Scheduling, Resource Management, Time Tracking, Change Management, Collaboration, Documentation Management, Risk Assessment, Estimation, Portfolio Management are some of the features one should look for.

Based on the comparison on multiple features, top 5 project management tools are 

  2. JIRA 
  3. WRIKE 
  5. HIVE
Project management tool - clickup


ClickUp is one of the top emerging tools these days. It outstands others – has 24×7 support, the best feature is it’s free version is free forever and it’s for unlimited users and it’s fully loaded free version.

Many reputed organisations like Google, Uber, and Nike are using ClickUp. It has rich features, views and templates and a lot of customization options makes it apart from other tools and can benefit the company in better managing projects thereby increasing the productivity. 


  • Unlimited users in free version and that too forever
  • Full featured free version
  • Highly Customizable tool with easy to use interface
  • Good Dashboards
  • Rich Templates for General and Agile Project Management.
  • 24×7 Support


  • Limited storage – 100 MB only and limited spacs – 5 only in free trial.
  • Has a steep learning curve. Too many features can be overwhelming for the users.
Project management tool - jira


Jira Software is the leading agile project management tool that is mainly focused on Scrum, Kanban, bug, and issue tracking. It provides various features such as free upto 10 users forever and includes 2 GB storage.


  • Industry leader – Great for Agile Projects and Issue Tracking
  • Simple to use and customise
  • Smart filtering and search option – JQL (Jira Query Language)


  • 10 users only in free version
  • Major Features available in paid version 
  • Expensive among other tools
Project management tool - wrike


Wrike is a project management platform that provides visibility, flexibility, and collaborative tools to aid in the delivery of effective and timely projects. You may utilise the dashboard to keep track of the large number of projects that your team members are working on and it is simple to use. Team project management productivity is one of Wrike’s specialties that sets it apart from other platforms.


  • Good for small business 
  • Extensive 3rd party integration choices 
  • Intuitive workflows. Good Version Tracking 


  • Limit of upto 5 user in free trial 
  • Dashboards are only in paid version
Project management tool - airtable


Airtable is an online organization and collaboration tool for business and database part. It is flexible tool that lets you and your team work the way you want, helps organise your tasks in different views and have different widgets with various functionalities. It comes with various templates that help specific team to use it as per there needs.


  • Simple to use interface
  • Software that works like a spreadsheet
  • Provides an array of templates
  • 2 GB storage in free trial
  • All the basic features in the free trial


  • Limit of upto 5 user in free trial 
  • Learning curve – complex to understand
Project management tool - hive


Hive is the project management tool which provides one central location for team to track and manage their work. In Hive all the projects and campaign are housed in project navigator and one can easily see everything that every account is working on one place.


  • Good team Collaboration features
  • All the views are available in the free version


  • Free trial limited up to 14 days 
  • Limit of upto 2 user in free trial 
  • No Visual Customization

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Shubham Rawat is an Intern in Knoldus practicing in Agile Studio. He has a strong interest in Technology and is driven by optimism and self-motivation.