Buddha’s principles on Corporate Enlightenment

brass buddha figurine on black surface
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While reading blogs on leading a mindful life, I came across a few inspiring thoughts shared by Buddha. I realized that our organization’s core values resonate with what Buddha denoted centuries back.

It is phenomenal how the teachings of Buddha cover every perspective of what we are today. From business values to contributing to society, it teaches us the fundamental principles of life. 

Buddha says-

“Give, even if you only have a little.”

As per Buddha, welfare has the goal of attaining happiness. We can achieve it by sharing knowledge. Knowledge might be power, but it is much more powerful when shared! If only one person knows how to do something, it prevents others from developing and hinders progress. 

But when we learn from each other and share knowledge, it builds meaningful communities.

And that is the real meaning of Community Welfare, which promotes the principles of “Ubuntu” -(I can only be my best when I help you be your best).

Buddha Says-

“Everyone has to go through a process of dealing with problems.” 

Dealing with the problems causes utter pain. But experiential learning and constant self-improvement enable us to meet enlightenment. 

One of the best things we can do is to learn from our mistakes and ensure we do not repeat them. But we can also tap into the best experiences and ensure we repeat them!

Likewise, from a business perspective, identifying the root cause of the problem requires experiential learning. Past learnings and self-improvement practices liberate us from the same hitch and create a “WOW experience” by giving unexpected extra (GLUE).  

“Buddha Says”

“Change and Uncertainty Cause Suffering.” 

Buddha tells us that those involved in continuous innovation and adaptability will reach the goal of eliminating suffering. If not, the suffering will continue.

In the modern world, where uncertainty is at its prime, everyday change is the new normal. 

Buddha used knowledge of scientific updates to achieve technological breakthroughs such as the printing press. And it was possible because of the adaptable approach and improving ourselves by learning 1 % daily (Go 1%).

Finding solutions to challenges require being brave and agile. It allows us to be inventive in our thoughts, ideas, and approach (Think Bold and Think Fast.”)

The Four Noble Truths comprise the essence of Buddha’s teachings. 

May these principles work in the best of our favor so that we meet the enlightenment in our personal and professional lives.