DAML: Getting started with building Templates

Reading Time: 4 minutes Humankind is standing on the brink of another industrial revolution. Few technologies which are going to play a vital role in this are IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and some more. This blog contemplates more on Blockchain based language i.e. DAML. So let’s get started. Why Blockchain ? WEB 2.0 gave usage of information and blockchain grants digital ownership. So let’s take a basic example to Continue Reading

DAML: Build Powerful Smart Contracts

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the blockchain technology evolves, there is a need for improved frameworks through which users can create and deploy smart contracts. DAML is one such open-source language for smart contracts originated by Digital Asset. In this blog, we will be understanding about the features of DAML, it’s need and benefits in the current scenarios and the steps to get started with building smart contracts using Continue Reading