brass buddha figurine on black surface

Buddha’s principles on Corporate Enlightenment

Reading Time: 2 minutes While reading blogs on leading a mindful life, I came across a few inspiring thoughts shared by Buddha. I realized that our organization’s core values resonate with what Buddha denoted centuries back. It is phenomenal how the teachings of Buddha cover every perspective of what we are today. From business values to contributing to society, it teaches us the fundamental principles of life.  Buddha says- Continue Reading

How to create a culture of giving and receiving feedback with the right mindset: Growth VS Fixed Mindset

Reading Time: 3 minutes Growth VS Fixed Mindset A dramatic shift in the job market has led many companies to turn to feedback to improve employee retention rates. To some, giving candid feedback more often may seem counter-productive, but a 2009 Gallup Inc. study shows that 98% of team members fail to be engaged when managers give little or no feedback. As a result, companies are investing more in Continue Reading


COVID-19 Combat | Productivity in Uncertain Times

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recent days have been hard for everyone trying to deal with the escalating COVID-19 situation. With COVID-19, the time to act is now. Deferred decisions and delayed actions have immediate and longer-term business continuity impacts. At Knoldus, employee safety and wellbeing is paramount. Like all businesses, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This is evident from the various steps that we have taken in Continue Reading