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Data mesh, Hype or really powerful ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Data Mesh? Data mesh is a new approach based on a modern, distributed architecture for analytical data management. It enables end users to easily access and query data where it lives without first transporting it to a data lake or data warehouse. The strategy of data mesh distributes data ownership to domain-specific teams that manage the data as a product. 4 Principles of Continue Reading

Get Acquaint with Powerful Data Mesh

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is data mesh? Much in the same way that software engineering teams transitioned from monolithic applications to micro service architecture.The data mesh in many ways is the data platform version of micro services. Data mesh is a decentralised approach to share, access, and manage data in complex and large scale environment. Data mesh is a new approach in sourcing, managing, and accessing data for Continue Reading

Data Mesh: The Four Principles of the Distributed Architecture

Reading Time: 4 minutes A data mesh is a decentralized architecture devised by Zhamak Dehghani, director of Next Tech Incubation, principal consultant at Thoughtworks, and a member of its technology Advisory Board. An intentionally designed distributed data architecture, under centralized governance and standardization for interoperability, enabled by a shared and harmonized self-serve data infrastructure. Key uses for a data mesh Data mesh’s key aim is to enable you to get Continue Reading

DataMesh: A Web Netting

Reading Time: 4 minutes Enterprises Data Challenges? Global data creation is projected to exceed 180 zettabytes in the next five years. Current data platforms have several architectural failures that hinder enterprise data processing and inhibit business growth. How today’s enterprise data is managed? Today’s technology and organization design divide the data into two categories – operational data and analytical data. Operational data is transactional. Stored into RDBMS at the backend and helps the Continue Reading