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GraphQL – The Better REST

Over the past few years, the REST has become a de-facto architecture for the web services, which emphasize to communicate through the textual data. The user is given a URI of the resource and user can perform various operations (GET, POST, … Continue reading

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Finding the Impact of a Tweet using Spark GraphX

Social Network Analysis (SNA), a process of investigating social structures using Networks and Graphs, has become a very hot topic nowadays. Using it, we can answer many questions like: How many connections an individual have ? What is the ability … Continue reading

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Neo4j vs ElasticSearch & Full Text Search In Neo4j

Hello Graphistas, Are you missing this series 🙂 ? Welcome back again in the series of Neo4j with Scala 😉 . Let’s start our journey again. Till now we have talked and learnt about the use of Neo4j with Scala … Continue reading

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Making GameLobby using Scala Graph library

Background A few months back, I chanced upon this nifty little library named scala-graph. This library provides some basic graph functionality and its APIs fit very well with standard Scala collection APIs. The graphs that it help create are in-memory … Continue reading

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