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Deploying The Lagom Service On ConductR

In the previous blog, we have discussed how to create a Lagom service based architecture with a beautiful word count example. One can refer to the below link- In this blog we will discuss now how we can deploy … Continue reading

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Introduction on how to write a First Test Script in CUCUMBER

Hello Everyone, In this series of blog it’s time to look into how to write test cases in cucumber and execution of these test cases.Follow these Steps for the Same. You can read the previous post related to installation of … Continue reading

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Cucumber with java maven project

Hi Folks. From this Blog we will start a series of cucumber BDD tool .Before go through the cucumber We should know how to integrate cucumber with java maven project. To run Cucumber test with Java, following are the steps. Step … Continue reading

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Data modeling in Cassandra

Role of Partitioning & Clustering Keys in Cassandra Primary and Clustering Keys should be one of the very first things you learn about when modeling Cassandra data.  With this post I will cover what the different types of Primary Keys … Continue reading

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Installing and Running Presto

Hi Folks ! In my previous blog, I had talked about Getting Introduced with Presto. In today’s blog, I shall be talking about setting up(installing) and running presto. The basic pre-requisites for setting up Presto are: Linux or Mac OS … Continue reading

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Avro Communication over TCP Sockets

Storing/Transferring object is a requirement of most applications. What if there is a need for communication between machine having incompatible architecture. Java Serialization won’t work for that. Now, if you are thinking about Serialization Framework then you are right. So, … Continue reading

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Partitioning in Apache Hive

Partitions Hive is a good tool for performing queries on large datasets, especially datasets that require full table scans. But quite often there are instances where users need to filter the data on specific column values.thats where Partitioning comes into … Continue reading

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UnderStanding Optimized Logical Plan In Spark

LogicalPlan is a tree that represents both schema and data,these trees are manipulated and optimized by catalyst framework There are three types of logical plans ○ Parsed logical plan ○ Analysed Logical Plan ○ Optimized logical Plan Analysed Logical plan … Continue reading

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Multiple Feeds at one place: MultiFeed App

multi feed mobile app Continue reading

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Starting Hive-Client Programmatically With Scala

Hive defines a simple SQL-like query language to querying and managing large datasets called Hive-QL ( HQL ). It’s easy to use if you’re familiar with SQL Language. Hive allows programmers who are familiar with the language to write the custom MapReduce … Continue reading

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