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GraphQL – The Better REST

Over the past few years, the REST has become a de-facto architecture for the web services, which emphasize to communicate through the textual data. The user is given a URI of the resource and user can perform various operations (GET, POST, … Continue reading

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Exploring JEST: Java HTTP REST Client

Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed and open source full-text search and analytics engine. To integrate Elasticsearch to our application, we need to use an API. Elasticsearch gives us two ways, REST APIs, and Native clients. It’s easy to get confused … Continue reading

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A Step-by-step guide for setting MultiNode Mesos Cluster with Spark and Hdfs on EC2

Apache Mesos is open source project for managing computer clusters originally developed at the University Of California. It sits between the application layer and operating system to manage the application works efficiently on the large-scale distributed environment. In this blog, … Continue reading

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Jinja2 Template: The modern design friendly templating engine

Jinja2 is a modern and design friendly templating engine for Python programming language. Jinja2 is a library for Python that is flexible, fast and secure.Jinja can generate any text-based format (HTML, XML, CSV, JSON, etc.). It can generate different documents … Continue reading

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Java High-Level REST Client – Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is an open-source, highly scalable full-text search and analytics engine. Using this, you can easily store, search, and analyze a large amount of data in real time. Java REST client is the official client for Elasticsearch which comes in … Continue reading

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The curious case of Cassandra Reads

In our previous blog, we discovered how Cassandra handles its write queries. Now it’s time to understand how it ensures all the read requests are fulfilled. Let’s first have an overall view of Cassandra. Apache Cassandra is a free and … Continue reading

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Know a Knolder – Girish Chandra Bharti

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Gatling: Basics of Simulation Script.

Gatling is a highly capable load/performance testing tool. It hits your API with defined HTTP protocols and generates a beautiful report showing all scenarios with success and failure rate. It is designed for ease of use, maintainability and high performance. In … Continue reading

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Actor Model : Basics before going deep.

We have CPUs and they are getting better every day, in helping us process fast. But CPUs are not getting faster!! What’s happening is that we now have multiple cores on them. And, to take advantage of this, we need … Continue reading

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Java8 Bliss : Optional

Java8 is not so new now. Everybody is well aware and probably using it in one or the other project. Certainly, Java8 is a big leap for Java since it makes Java functional. (though its procedural internally). Anyway, it successfully … Continue reading

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