Hands-on read JSON data from any external API with Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi folks, In this blog, we will write HTTP server + client code which calls the below external API using Scala and play framework Project Setup We must install the SBT command-line tool (at least JDK 8). In this blog, we’re using SBT version 1.7.1 to install Play Framework version 2.8.1. Step 1: First, we need to add some dependencies in the build.sbt file. Step Continue Reading

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Joins in Spark SQL with examples

Reading Time: 4 minutes Spark SQL Spark SQL is a module in Apache Spark. It allows users to process structured data using a SQL-like syntax. It integrates seamlessly with the Spark ecosystem, including Spark Streaming and MLlib. One of the main benefits of using Spark SQL is that it permits to users to integrate SQL queries with the programming language of their choice, such as Scala, Python, or Java. Continue Reading

How to integrate RTK query with next js app

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction RTK Query is a powerful data fetching and caching tool. It is designed to simplify cases for loading data in a web application, eliminating the need to write extra code for data fetching and caching logic. Its functionality is similar to that of react queries, but it can be integrated directly with Redux. In this blog we will learn how to integrate rtk query with Continue Reading

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What is a Closure in Scala ? Why it is required ? How to use it ?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Objects are more flexible for certain use cases because they carry both data members and member functions, whereas a function does not have data members. So if there is a requirement to pass data members along with functions, How will we achieve it in functional programming ? The answer is yes, we can achieve it using a closure and a free variable. What is a Continue Reading

What is Docker ? How to use it ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Docker is a software containerization platform, meaning you can build your application, package them along with their dependencies into a container and then these containers can be easily shipped to run on other machines. Now let’s talk about containers and containerization. Containers A container image is a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package of a piece of software that includes everything needed to run it: code, runtime, Continue Reading

How to enable Terracotta clustering in WebMethod Integration Server.

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Terracotta in WebMethods ? In order to cluster more than one integration server , terracotta clustering is used. Terracotta has two components the first is Terracotta Server Array and the local Ehcache library. These components help in in-memory caching and clustering. The TSA is installed when there are more than one server and they need to be clustered. So clustering in WebMethod IS Continue Reading

Data Streaming with AWS Kinesis

Reading Time: 4 minutes Data is an essential asset for modern businesses as it helps them to monitor all aspects of the business. Every second we are processing, analysing and transforming a large amount of data. So the need for handling the dynamically generating data is important. As the number, variety, and velocity of data sources grow, new architectures and technologies are needed. This is where the need for data streaming Continue Reading

How to Run Migration Utility for MyWebmethodServer (MWS)

Reading Time: 2 minutes My webmethods Server (MWS) is an important part of the webmethods suite, it is used for providing – It is mainly used for monitoring the below products- It provides the UI framework for the complete suite, which lets customers develop and deploy Web, portlet, and Business Process Management applications. Moreover, it also behaves as the central point for administering products. Migrate MWS from 9.12 to Continue Reading


ActivatedRouteSnapshot Class to Ease Your Routing Life in Angular

Reading Time: 3 minutes Routing is the most common and important feature in each and every application perhaps it is a web or a mobile one.So, In this blog, we are going to talk about the ActivatedRouteSnapshot and its properties which helps the developer to establish the roadmap of routing in an application. So before diving deep into ActivatedRouteSnapshot let’s start we a question what is ActivatedRouteSnapshot? What is Continue Reading


Getting started with Blockchain: Introduction and Working

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Blockchain It is a decentralized, distributed database that allows multiple parties to store, share, and manage data in a secure and transparent manner. It is a digital ledger of transactions that is maintained and validated by a network of computers on the internet, rather than by a central authority. This means that once information is recorded on a blockchain, it is very difficult Continue Reading

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Apache Spark Best Practices and Performance Tuning

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know that Apache spark is a Big data processing engine that works on the model of in-memory computation. When we are dealing with extensive data even if we are able to reduce the use of even 1 MB of memory per minute it will result in thousands of dollars per month. Hence it becomes essential to learn the spark best practices and optimization Continue Reading

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How to write unit test in Scala ZIO

Reading Time: 3 minutes ZIO is a Scala library for creating asynchronous, concurrent, and fault-tolerant applications. It is based on the concept of “effects” and provides a powerful and flexible way to express and compose computations that may have side effects, such as reading from a file, writing to a database, or making an HTTP request. ZIO offers a full-featured ecosystem for building applications, including libraries for common tasks Continue Reading

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Akka Cluster Sharding: Introduction

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog, we will learn the basics of Akka Cluster Sharding which will include what Sharding and Cluster Sharding is and their basic components. So, let’s get started. What is Sharding? The term Sharding means Partitioning. Sharding basically helps the system to keep data in different resources like memory after dividing it into different parts. Here in this section, I will explain Sharding in Continue Reading