4 comments on “Error handling in Scala: What, where and how?”

Error handling in Scala: What, where and how?

error handling, monadic, functional erorr handling

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ScalaTest – How to Disable Test Cases using Tagging

Scala Test - How to disable Test Cases using Tagging Tagging your tests ScalaTest allows you to define some test categories, to "tag" tests as belonging to those categories, and filter tests to run based on their tags. For example,…

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Unit Testing Of Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system and a robust queue that can handle a high volume of data and enables you to pass messages from one end-point to another. Generally, data is published to topic via Producer API…

2 comments on “Solr With Scala : Basic Introduction to Embedded Solr”

Solr With Scala : Basic Introduction to Embedded Solr

Hello Folks, As we discussed earlier Solr with Scala and AkkaHttp in our last blog we have used Solr as a service and tried to hit solr service with the AkkaHttp and spray routes. Here is the link for the…

1 comment on “Neo4j With Scala: Rest End Points with AKKA HTTP”

Neo4j With Scala: Rest End Points with AKKA HTTP

Hello Folks, Welcome back again in the series of Neo4j with Scala . Let’s start our journey again. But before starting our journey here is the links for recap who join late us in the journey : Getting Started Neo4j…

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Blending Cucumber, Cassandra and Akka-Http

Folks, Knoldus has always pioneered the deep diving into the best ways to use cutting edge technologies. In the past few days, one of our team carried this deed by integrating Cucumber with Akka-Http, Cassandra and of course, Scala. In…

2 comments on “Cassandra with Spark 2.0 : Building Rest API !”

Cassandra with Spark 2.0 : Building Rest API !

In this tutorial , we will be demonstrating how to make a REST service in Spark using Akka-http as a side-kick  😉  and Cassandra as the data store. We have seen the power of Spark earlier and when it is…

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Integrate JWT with Akka HTTP

In this article we will discuss about , how to implement  authentication or authorization in Akka HTTP routes using JWT . As we know Akka HTTP is full implementation of  server  and client side HTTP stack on top Akka actor and…

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Mocking Mail API in Scala

Few days ago I was working on a Mailing API of my project and used javax-mail API but encountered the problem of how to write unit test cases for that without actually mocking the mail. I searched for it but was unable…

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Data Driven Test Automation with Apache POI (Part-1)

What is Data Driven Test Automation? To test the functionality of an application it is requires to test with multiple input values. Data driven test automation allows to create test scripts where test data or input/output values are read from…