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Getting Started Cockroach with Scala: An Introduction

Today we are going to discuss that how can we use the Scala with the Cockroach DB? As we all know that Cockroach DB is a distributed SQL database built on top of a transactional and consistent key-value store and … Continue reading

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Reverse engineering using Slick 3.2 and Scala

Sometime, we have requirements for create classes corresponding to the existing database or Sometimes, in our initial phase of project, we are going to design database and tables first, after that, we are going to create classes for mapping our … Continue reading

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SQL made easy and secure with Slick

Slick stands for Scala Language-Integrated Connection Kit. It is Functional Relational Mapping (FRM) library for Scala that makes it easy to work with relational databases. Slick can be considered as a replacement of writing SQL queries as Strings with a … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Using Slick on Production

Slick is most popular library for relational database access in Scala ecosystem. When we are going to use Slick for production , then some questions arise  like where should the mapping tables be defined and how to join with other … Continue reading

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Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – April 2015

Hello Folks We are back again with April 2015, Newsletter. Here is this Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – April 2015 In this newsletter, you will get the business related news for Scala. How organisation are adopting Scala for their … Continue reading

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Play with Reactive Slick: A Simple CRUD application in Play! framework using Slick 3.0

Recently Typesafe released Slick 3.0.0-RC1, the first release candidate for “Reactive Slick”. Reactive Slick has many new features like Support for Reactive Streams API, a new API for composing and executing database actions and many more. Before moving forward, we recommended you … Continue reading

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Play-Slick-PostgreSQL: Reactive Play application with Slick extensions for PostgreSQL

playing-slick-pg Building Reactive Play application with Slick extensions for PostgreSQL This is a classic CRUD application, backed by a PostgreSQL database. It demonstrates: Handling asynchronous results, Handling time-outs Achieving, Futures to use more idiomatic error handling. Accessing a JDBC database, … Continue reading

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