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Introduction To HADOOP !

Here I am to going to  write a blog on Hadoop! “Bigdata is not about data! The value in Bigdata [is in] the analytics. ” -Harvard Prof. Gary King So the Hadoop came into Introduction! Hadoop is an open source, … Continue reading

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Getting close to Apache Flink, albeit in a Träge manner – 1

Of late, I have begun to read about Apache Flink. Apache Flink (just Flink hereafter), is an ‘open source platform for distributed stream and batch data processing’, to quote from the homepage.  What has caught my interest is Flink’s idea … Continue reading

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Making GameLobby using Scala Graph library

Background A few months back, I chanced upon this nifty little library named scala-graph. This library provides some basic graph functionality and its APIs fit very well with standard Scala collection APIs. The graphs that it help create are in-memory … Continue reading

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On the use of IDE and Command-Line tools

I have written about this earlier, and its continuing relevance – buttressed by my day-to-day experiences – propels me to reproduce it here again. In his blog, John Cook refers to a comment made by Joe Armstrong (chief creator of … Continue reading

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Uploading data file to MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu

I use MySQL 5.5.28 on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04.3. Recently, I had tried to upload a datafile thus: load data local infile ‘/home/nirmalya/GridSense/UserInfo.csv’ into table gsdemoconfig.user_core_info fields terminated by ‘,’ lines terminated by ‘\n’; Regular command, I have used it many times earlier. … Continue reading

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On the stuff that you don’t see in a game

Many times, when I happen to talk to prospective clients or friends from the industry about multiplayer internet-based games and the issues related to their implementations, usually their reaction is a mixture of excitement about fetching User interfaces and how … Continue reading

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