Apache Kafka

Fundamental Concepts for Kafka Connect/Connector

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let us discuss something about Kafka connector and some basic fundamental of it. Before start, we need to have basic knowledge of Kafka or we can go through this Document. We’ll have a look at: What is Kafka Connect Why we need Kafka Connect/connector How kafka Connect works Source Connector Sink Connector Kafka Connector Framework Let’s how we can implement the kafka Connector framework 1- What Continue Reading

A Quick Insight of Kafka Connect/Connector

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overview In this blog, we are going to discuss Kafka connect/connectors in detail. If you want a basic introduction to Kafka Connect then you can refer to this blog. Now we will understand concepts such as Kafka Connect, Kafka connectors, and Kafka Convertors. Kafka Connect Kafka Connect is a framework to stream data into and out of Apache Kafka®. The Confluent Platform ships with several built-in Continue Reading

An introduction to Kafka Connect

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello! In this article we are going to talk about the Kafka Connect. This page includes why, what and features of Kafka connect. What is Kafka Connect? Kafka Connect, is the pluggable and declarative data integration framework for Kafka. It connects data source/destination to Kafka, letting the rest of the ecosystem do what it is expected from it. It is declarative and makes integration between Kafka Continue Reading

A Basic understanding of Kafka Connect

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let us discuss something about Kafka connector and some basic fundamental of it. Before start, we need to have basic knowledge of Kafka or we can go through this Document. Apache Kafka is a distributed, resilient, fault tolerant platform. Apache Kafka is a well-known name in the world of Big Data. It is one of the most used distributed streaming platforms. Kafka is just not a Continue Reading

Creation Of Custom Kafka Connect/Connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kafka Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform that is open-source. Multiple organizations use it for increasing performance for integration of data, data pipelines, and streamlining of analytics for the applications which are mission-critical. The Kafka system is designed to be a fault-tolerant processing system. Kafka Connect/Connectors The Kafka Connect is defined as a framework that is designed for making the connection between the Continue Reading

Kafka Connect Fundamentals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kafka connect is an framework to connect kafka with external ecosystem like file systems, databases using kafka connector. The Kafka Connect cluster supports running and scaling out connectors. Kafka Connectors are ready-to-use components, which can help us to import data from external systems into Kafka topics and export data from Kafka topics into external systems.  What is Kafka Connect? Kafka connect is use to perform stream integration Continue Reading

Kafka Connect Concepts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kafka Connect is a data distribution framework within and outside of Apache Kafka®. The Confluent Platform is deployed with a few built-in connectors that can be used to stream data to or from commonly used systems such as related websites or HDFS. To effectively discuss the internal functionality of Kafka Connect, it is helpful to establish a few key concepts: Connectors Tasks Workers Converters Transform Continue Reading

Streaming Data Pipelines using Kafka connect

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are the messages produced by using one part of a utility to apache Kafka and eaten up with the aid of some other part of that equal utility, different applications aren’t interested in those messages? Allow’s imagine that the distributing statistics units which are computed these rubdowns may also need those messages into an outside gadget or push it from an external carrier. So having Continue Reading

Introduction to Kafka Connect/Connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Kafka Connect? Kafka Connect is an open-source component and framework to get Kafka connected with the external systems, including the databases. There are connectors that help to move huge data sets into and out of the Kafka system. Kafka Connect is only used to copy the streamed data, thus its scope is not broad.It executes as an independent process for testing and a Continue Reading

Apache Camel vs Apache Kafka

Reading Time: 4 minutes An overview of Camel Apache Camel is an open source integration framework that targets the integration between different systems. Camel is a routing engine, more precisely a routing- engine builder. however It allows you to define your own routing rules, decide from which sources to accept messages, and determine how to process and send those messages to other destinations.However its Routes, Camel uses a set Continue Reading

Getting started with Kafka Connect / Connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overview: In this blog, we will be going to deep dive in with Kafka Connect and know about some basic fundamentals of it. Apache Kafka is one of the central technologies in Undertaking Models these days. More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are utilizing Kafka. The innovation has advanced apart over the final decade i.e. from Pub/Sub to a Total Occasion Streaming Stage. Therefore, The exceptionally begins necessity to work in an occasion-driven framework is to ingest data/events. For the same reason, Kafka Interface was involved in the Kafka Biological system in 2015. This empowers us to coordinate outside frameworks without composing a Continue Reading

Security & SSL Setup in Confluent Kafka

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is SSL ? Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol for the transport layer. In SSL Protocol data is divided into fragments. The fragments are compressed and encrypted Message Authentication Code (MAC) generated by algorithms like Secure Hash Protocol(SHA) and MD5(Message Digest) is appended. SSL is the predecessor of Transport Layer Security(TLS) . After encryption of data, finally, the SSL header is appended Continue Reading

Introduction to Kafka

Reading Time: 5 minutes Apache Kafka is a software platform that is based on a distributed streaming process. It is a publish-subscribe messaging system that lets exchanging of data between applications, servers, and processors as well. Apache Kafka was originally developed by LinkedIn, and later it was donated to the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Kafka has resolved the lethargic trouble of data communication between a sender and a receiver. Architecture Continue Reading