How to connect two container from different compose files

Reading Time: 3 minutes Working with Docker containers allows us to create encapsulate applications that are independent of the host machine and contain all the necessary libraries and dependencies. Docker-compose is often use to configure and manage containers. When several containers are build in a docker-compose file, they are automatically connect to a common network and can communicate with each other.  In most cases, each project will have its own Continue Reading


How SNS works?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction: SNS is something kind of simple notification service which is given by Amazon. You have many other notifications always out there even Google provides a notification service. But today we are going to discuss this Amazon simple notification service. On one note if I want to say, in SNS there is something called push notification. For many of your products whether it can be Continue Reading

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How to add a role to a user in Auth0 dynamically using Auth pipelines Rules :-

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tired of adding Roles to every new User, who wants to access your particular service, manually by logging into auth0. And giving it permission to access the service by attaching the Roles to it. And are you looking for a better approach to it. Like a Role automatically getting attached to all the valid users of a particular organisation as soon as they login. Then Continue Reading

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How to create a custom API, a User and a Role in Auth0 :

Reading Time: 4 minutes When we use an application for internal purpose, or to be accessible to certain people only and not for everyone on internet. We develop solutions for its authentication and authorisation. What if I say we have a tool that solves our this purpose. And is very easy to use and implement. Here, I am talking about Auth0. Which is a flexible, drop-in solution to add Continue Reading

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How to turn your Git Hub repo into a Helm Chart repo :

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine creating a helm chart application of kubernetes but what if someone wants to access your helm-chart. As you know you can access or install helm charts present over internet on helm repositories, by using helm install. You have to first add the repo so that helm can figure out and perform its operations. By <helm repo add command>. For that you must have your Continue Reading

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Chef Inspec Configuration Steps

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction: Hello Readers. In this blog, we are going to see how to configure chef inspec in our local system to execute the tests. Chef is an open-source testing framework. They are used to test or validate the configurations, security components as per the client’s requirements or organization’s requirements. It is mainly used to test infrastructure configurations. we can even test cloud services such as Continue Reading


How to host your own static website using AWS S3 bucket

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction Hi everyone! Today in this blog we’re going to discuss how you can host a static website using an AWS S3 bucket. Static and Dynamic website First of all, before hoping on AWS S3, you might be wondering what is the difference between a static and a dynamic website. Well, a static website is usually written in HTML using CSS and JavaScript. In a Continue Reading

Cloudwatch alarms for memory and disk for AWS Ec2 using Terraform

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi all, in this post we will be going to learn about what are cloudwatch alarms, how to create cloudwatch alarms using terraform as in many use cases we need to provision infrastructure using IAAC(Infrastructure as a code), here terraform. Introduction Alarm:- In AWS we have concept of cloudwatch alarms from where we can track various metric on our ec2. Using alarm we can keep Continue Reading

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Trigger a GitHub action with an HTTP Request

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi folks in this blog we will see how we can Trigger a GitHub action with a HTTP Request using curl command.This is very quick and simple so let’s see how we can Trigger a GitHub action in few easy steps.. First lets see what is curl. Curl Curl stands for client URL. It is a command-line tool that we can easily use to transfer Continue Reading

Deploying app in Elastic Beanstalk using EB CLI

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how to deploy any application in AWS Beanstalk using the EB Command line interface. In my previous blog we have seen how to install EB CLI. So, to follow further steps for deploying an application firstly you need to install its CLI. Do refer my blog for installation: So, Let’s get started! Step 1: Check its version Continue Reading

What Is msfvenom? How To Use It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes So when it comes to hacking a system, what basically a newbie hacker can think of. Like listening to the traffic of a particular system without getting noticed. So it needs a payload to be deployed at the target system. There comes the msfvenom. It is a combination of msfpayload and msfencode. It is fast and uses a single instance. Msfvenom contains standard command-line options. Continue Reading

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Introduction to Rdiff-Backup and its installation

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is RDiff Backup RDiff Backup is a Reverse Differential Backup used to back up data from one directory to another, possibly via a network. it is still different. RDiff Backup is written in python, a small C, based on librsync. The Rdiff Backup Target Directory is basically a copy of the Source Directory. Used to back up data and files on a local server Continue Reading

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How to trigger Jenkins job via curl command remotely

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! We actually know various methods to trigger a Jenkins job but in this blog we will see how we can easily trigger a Jenkins job via curl command remotely. This is very quick and simple so let’s see. cURL Curl stands for client URL. It is a command-line tool that we can easily use to transfer data to and from a server. It Continue Reading