Functional Programming

Getting Started with ReactJS

Reading Time: 3 minutes ReactJS is a front-end open-source JavaScript library by Facebook to build user interfaces. It is used for building single page web and mobile applications.  In this blog we will go through some basics of react and how we can get started with it. Why use React ? As already mentioned in the introduction we now know that it is a javascript library to build beautiful Continue Reading

Why DApp is the Perfect Solution for your Business?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The world is changing…Humanity is standing on the brick of the next big Revolution so does the Business World. It is likely to impact every major Business from accounting to Operations. And the shift is already begun. Connectivity is the necessity of every Business. Modern Business must connect to with their customers, suppliers, and partners and in man case, these participants are in different geographical Continue Reading

SBT 2 Bazel

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this going to be a long detailed blog we will optically discern how one can transform its long running SBT build project and can convert it into Bazel. So bear with me and lets start by introducing an incipient build giant in tech industry called “BAZEL“ What is Bazel? Bazel is an open-source build and test tool similar to Maven, and Gradle, which uses Continue Reading

Gatling for Websocket Protocol

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello there, In this blog, we shall discuss about the WebSocket protocol. Further in the blog we will also try to learn to create a simple Gatling Scripts for this protocol as well. But without jumping to the Gatling script we shall learn about WebSocket Protocol. So lets begin. How webSocket is different from HTTP? WebSocket and HTTP, both of these are communication protocols which Continue Reading

Gatling for SSE Protocol

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Guys, In this blog, we shall discuss about the SSE(Sever-Sent Events) protocol. Further in the blog we will also try to learn to create a simple Gatling Scripts for this protocol as well. Let’s not jump directly to the script part, but first let us learn about the SSE protocol and how it is different from WebSocket protocol. How SSE protocol is different WebSocket Continue Reading

Jmeter-Extract data using Postprocessor Part-I

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jmeter is used to perform load testing. I have already discussed how it is easier and how can we use Jmeter in my earlier blogs. So let’s move some common problems of JMeter.Actually not a problem, but for many us it is difficult to extract data in Jmeter. Sometimes in Jmeter, we need to pass the data in the request externally. There are many options Continue Reading

Postman-Extract value from the JSON object array

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of us are using postman for automating the Rest API. In automating the requests, we need to pass the data in many requests in different forms. It will be in the datasheet/excel form, database and also sometimes need to extract data from JSON response of any request. Postman lets you write scripts that run before/after you receive a response from the server. The pre-request Continue Reading

Traits – The beauty of Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog we will discuss about a Trait and how Traits can help you to beautify your code by Multiple Inheritance. Traits Traits are a fundamental unit of code reuse in Scala. Trait encapsulates method and field definitions, which can be reused by mixing into classes. Two most important concept about Traits are :- Widening from thin interface to rich interface Defining stackable modifications. Continue Reading

Use of Either in Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog, we are going to see the use of Either in scala. We use Options in scala but why do we want to go for Either? Either is a better approach in the respect that if something fails we can track down the reason, which in Option None case is not possible.We simply pass None but what is the reason we got None Continue Reading