Combinators- A functional approach of error handling in ‘Rust’

In this world, everyone is interested in the spikes whether it is related to professional thing or personal. In this blog, I am going to give you spikes of the programming practices in Rust. Error Handling – process of handling the possibility of failure Today, every programmer is worried whether he has implemented error handling in right manner or not. There are various ways to Continue Reading

Embody System Commands in Rust Programming

System Commands helps users to communicate with the Operating System and with the help of that commands user can operate the whole Operating System(OS). System commands are handled by the shell or command interpreter of the Operating System.In this blog, I will show you how to execute System Commands through Rust Programming.

Welcoming RUST to the world of IoT

Breaking away the stereotypes of a blog, let’s start with a question. What’s our future? If I was asked this question, it has to be IoT. Internet of Things has already taken the technology world by a storm and is continuing to do so. While learning about IoT, its uses and all that stuff, a desire to make my own IoT framework arose. I started Continue Reading

Don’t Worry… I hugged it first – Loggers In Rust

Loggers play the most significant role in the software development community that not all developers take it seriously. Due to this, all have lost countless hours while debugging the code. So it is helpful to use logger. Importance of Logger? Logger provides tremendous help to the developer while understanding the code. But also some developer assumes that there is no need of stack trace if Continue Reading

No more run time !! Enjoy Compile time function evaluation using `const fn` in Rust

Sometimes we want the compiler to pre-compute values at compile time. If you have ever done programming in C++, you would have heard about constexpr which is used to improve performance by doing computations at compile time rather than run time. A few days ago, I was exploring Rust’s Unstable Book and found pretty much same feature in Rust, which is const_fn. I started exploring Continue Reading

Safe Way to access private fields in Rust

Do you want your fields to be private but got stuck in accessing them from other module. Then this blog let you know the ways to access the private fields as well as which one is safer way. There are two approaches : with getter and setter without getter and setter [A] with getter and setter You can create a public struct with private fields. Continue Reading

Frame Cease-less User-Interactive Concept in Rust Programming

Cease-less is the concept of making a program perpetual until the user wants to terminate it, and this concept is implemented by providing a list of option from which the user inputs his/her choice. So, this blog pertains to the building a Menu-Driven program in Rust Programming Langage.

Working with Command Line Arguments in Rust

Command Line Arguments are used to control program from outside instead of hard-coding those values inside the code and supplied to program when it is invoked. In this blog, I’ll demystify you how to use Command Line Arguments in Rust Programming Language.

Bid adieu to tarpaulin, HTML reports are here for RUST

If you bumped into this article, you might not be new to the Rust language. So, if you are not new then you might have written test cases for your code (for sure!!) and to test your code coverage, you were likely to use tarpaulin tool. But hey… think about this – You are ready with your code base with all the best practices incorporated Continue Reading

You can live without Exceptions, If you are using RUST

If you are coming from Java background, where you have used Exception Handling extensively and you have started working on new language like RUST, which doesn’t support Exception Handling then you will be forced to think that does such kind of world really exists? The Java story Java provides full coverage to Exceptions and those are required to be handled with try-catch like construct. In Java, Continue Reading

Structure your data in Rust

Structuring of data in correct way is very important. In java and C++, we use Class & Object. In C, we use structures , unions, and enums. We know that Rust adopts some features of functional programming and OOPS. Class and object is the main weapon of OOPS‘ feature but how rust provides that functionality in its context. We will see this: As Rust is Continue Reading

Memory Management in Rust: Ownership

Do you know any programming language which allows memory management or you want to manage the memory on your own, maybe because you just don’t want to rely on the garbage collector, Rust allows us to do so? In this blog I am going to tell how you can actually manage your memory on an abstract level . Exited!!? here we go…..

How to upload any file on Amazon S3 using Rust?

Welcome everyone to the file upload on Amazon S3 using the Rust. Amazon S3 [Amazon Simple Storage Service] provides virtually limitless storage on the internet. For the bucket creations and security credentials please refer to my last blog. This blog explains following requests using Rust: sending a request to aws S3 bucket, list of objects in the bucket, putting  an object in the bucket, deleting Continue Reading

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