(Code Dissection) Akka Quartz Scheduler РScala’s way of scheduling

Reading Time: 5 minutes Alright fellas, put your mask on ! we are about to do a dissection of a scala library called Akka Quartz Scheduler. (Eww!@#$* does it stink?) Well not literally, lets find out what is it first, then according to your nose you will get to know how does it smell ūüėÄ :D. Akka Quartz Scheduler is a library which gets used for scheduling jobs. Now Continue Reading

How to improve your testing skills.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Software testing is not a easy task.but some people take it otherwise But Software testing is not a job, it’s a responsibility ¬†either we are doing Manual testing or Automation testing , Tester is an authorized person for the Quality of particular project or product. We should keep these point in our mind to make our testing effective like… You find something bad before someone Continue Reading

Read all text from picture, one API call :Magical

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you are searching for a solution like : where you have to get all the text written over picture into readable text (response text) then you are at right place, more-over it’s not the limit. – One REST call, just one line code – And you get all the text in your image in JSON response text Yayy !!! Thats the thing developers love Continue Reading

Transfering Data from Couchbase to the ElasticSearch (Transport-Couchbase Plugin)

Reading Time: 3 minutes If we want to transfer the data persisted in your Couchbase to ElasticSearch and use the power of inverted indexing of Elastic Search along with Couchbase. Then we can do this in easy steps. Couchbase provides us a plugin for the Elastic search that makes your ElasticSearch node appear like a Couchbase Server node. After installation you can use the Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDCR) feature of Continue Reading

Sample akka dispatcher configuration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Akka dispatchers plays important role in application performance. After reading this blog you will be able to configure and use different dispatchers for your application. I have tried to make it as simple as possible so that you can easily start working on akka dispatchers. By default akka uses default dispatcher “fork-join-executor” if no configuration is defined for custom dispatchers. To set up a dispatchers Continue Reading

Congregating Spark files on S3

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know that Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing and it is because of its speed that Spark was able to become one of the most popular frameworks in the world of big data. Working with Spark is a pleasant experience as it has a simple API for Scala, Java, Python and R. But, some tasks, in Spark, are still tough rows Continue Reading

Shield: Protect your Elasticsearch Data

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is shield? Shield allows you to easily protect Elasticsearch cluster from unintentional modification or unauthorized access with a username and password. Shield also gives security features like encryption, role-based access control, IP filtering, and auditing are also available when you need them. In this article, we will explore how to create basic and role-based access control authorization with shield. Installation : Shield installs as Continue Reading

Multipart/form-data submit through javascript in Play Framework

Reading Time: 2 minutes Normally when we submit any multi-part form in Play Framework that time in the controller have to mention redirection action which  refresh the whole page and it gives an extra load on the network. It is possible to submit that form with the help of Ajax. It makes easy to submit your form and help to refresh only that particular section where you want to Continue Reading

Intro PouchDB, unroll CouchBase crust and offline data Sync in Ionic with 4-way Data Binding.

Reading Time: 3 minutes PouchDB was created to help web developers build applications that work as well offline as they do online. But before going to discuss PouchDB which is inspired by CouchDB so lets remove the confusion of Couch…Series… . There is CouchDB, CouchIO, CouchOne, Couchbase, Couchbase Server, Couchbase Mobile, Couchbase Lite, CouchApps, BigCouch, Touchbase, Membase, Memcached, MemcacheDB… all different and yet related in way not at all Continue Reading

Why Scala.js is preferred language for front-end development

Reading Time: 4 minutes From last few years, I have been working on Scala as a back-end and Javascript as front-end for web application.  It becomes very painful, when I have to refactor a large Javascript code base, written by someone else. There are also many annoying language warts. I tried to use other front-end framework, targeting JS but wanted to use same platform to go all the way Continue Reading

Ganglia Cluster Monitoring: monitoring spark cluster

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ganglia is cluster monitoring tool to monitor the health of distributed cluster of spark and hadoop. I know you all have question that we already have a Application UI (http://masternode:4040) and Cluster UI (http://masternode:8080) then why we need ganglia? So answer is, Spark cluster UI and application UI dont provide us all information related to our cluster like Network I/O and health of every node. Continue Reading

Best Practices for Using Slick on Production

Reading Time: 5 minutes Slick is most popular library for relational database access in Scala ecosystem. When we are going to use Slick for production , then some questions arise  like where should the mapping tables be defined and how to join with other tables, how to write unit tests. Apart from this there is lack of clarity on the design guidelines. In this blog post , I am Continue Reading