Introduction to Machine Learning with Spark (Clustering)

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog, we will learn how to group similar data objects using K-means clustering offered by Spark Machine Learning Library. Prerequisites The code example needs only Spark Shell to execute. What is Clustering Clustering is like grouping data objects in some random clusters (with no initial class of group defined) on the basis of similarity or the natural closeness to each other. The “closeness” Continue Reading

Using Spark DataFrames for Word Count

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we all know that, DataFrame API was introduced in Spark 1.3.0, in March 2015. Its goal was to make distributed processing of “Big Data” more intuitive, by organizing distributed collection of data (known as RDD) into named columns. This enabled both, Engineers & Data Scientists, to use Apache Spark for distributed processing of “Big Data”, with ease. Also, DataFrame API came with many under the hood optimizations Continue Reading

Demystifying Asynchronous Actions in Spark

Reading Time: 3 minutes What if we want to execute 2 actions concurrently on different RDD’s, Spark actions are always synchronous. Like if we perform two actions one after other they always execute in sequentially like one after other. Let see example val rdd = sc.parallelize(List(32, 34, 2, 3, 4, 54, 3), 4) rdd.collect().map{ x => println("Items in the lists:" + x)} val rddCount = sc.parallelize(List(434, 3, 2, 43, Continue Reading

How to Capture screenshot of failed test cases in Selenium using scala.

Reading Time: 2 minutes We write the selenium script for for the all test cases, some time its success and some time it failed. so better is to take the screen shot of failed test cases. Automation provide the feature to take the screen shot of failed test cases. by this feature we get the exact idea where is our script failed. In selenium script is failed in different Continue Reading

Messages and internationalization in Play 2.4.x

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog we would discuss about Messages and internationalization in Play Framework which would drive us through the implementation and testing of the Play MessagesAPI. Messages and internationalization Play supports Internationalization (i18n) out of the box by leveraging the underlying internationalization support. With Play you are able to customize the text that appears in a view based on the user’s Locale. Specifying languages supported Continue Reading

Generate the Advance level of Test Report of Selenium with Image using Scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes Generating the test report of test cases is the important part of selenium tool. When we write the test cases in selenium and execute the these test cases we always find the pass/fail result. so if we want to generate the report of these test cases in html format ,we can use the Extent Report .we will do just add the jar file of extent Continue Reading