Spring Cloud Gateway

Spring Cloud GCP and Cloud Storage: Unlimited Storage Option

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Section: Spring Cloud Storage provides a convenient abstraction for working with Google Cloud Storage, allowing you to easily access files from your application. And providing you with an interface that is consistent with other Spring APIs. Section: You can also use cloud storage to provide dynamic content to your applications, such as processing images on the fly or streaming videos directly to your client. Continue Reading

Spring Cloud GCP And BigQuery: A Way Large Dataset Handle

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction In this example, we are going to cover how to load data into the BigQuery table and query the table using GCP console and API. We will use Spring Cloud GCP to make our application ready for accessing the Google Cloud Platform services. Spring Cloud GCP and BigQuery Spring Cloud GCP and BigQuery is a library that provides support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Continue Reading

Implementing Spring Cloud Gateway Filters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring Cloud provides a different type of built in filters .So, they are many different type of Spring cloud Gateway filters. Also, we can create our own custom filters to suit our requirement. Spring Cloud Gateway Filters can be divided in two categories: Pre Filters Post Filters Using Predicates Spring Cloud Gateway determines which route should get called. Once it is decided the request is Continue Reading

Writing Custom Route Predicate Factories and Custom Gateway Filter Factories for Spring Cloud Gateway

Reading Time: 2 minutes Route Predicate Factories The Spring Cloud Gateway compares the routes of the incoming request as part of Spring WebFlux HandlerMapping infrastructure. It has many pre-defined route predicate factories. The predicates compares on the basis of different attributes passed on the HTTP request. Gateway Filter Factories The Spring Cloud Gateway Filter Factories provide the modifications of the incoming HTTP request or outgoing HTTP response in some Continue Reading

Dynamic Configuration of Spring Cloud Gateway Routing

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog, we are going to see the dynamic configuration of Spring Cloud Gateway routing. The configuration of Spring Cloud Gateway can be control by a series of “RouteDefinitionLocator” interfaces, which are as follows: By default, through the @ ConfigurationProperties mechanism of SB, Spring Cloud Gateway uses PropertiesRouteDefinitionLocator to load the configuration information of routes from the configuration file. In the previous routing configuration, Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway Features

Reading Time: 4 minutes Spring Cloud Gateway provides a library for building an API Gateway on top of Spring WebFlux. Spring Cloud Gateway aims to provide a simple, yet effective way to route to APIs and provide cross cutting concerns to them such as: security, monitoring/metrics, and resiliency. Features Spring Cloud Gateway features: Built on Spring Framework 5, Project Reactor and Spring Boot 2.0 Able to match routes on Continue Reading

Spring Cloud API Gateway Global Filter Example

Reading Time: 3 minutes Global filters are executed for every route defined in the API Gateway. The main difference between pre-filter and post-filter class is that the pre-filter code is executed before Spring Cloud API Gateway routes the request to a destination web service endpoint. While the post-filter code will be executed after Spring Cloud API Gateway has routed the HTTP request to a destination web service endpoint. Let’s create a global pre-filter class Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway Custom Filter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Spring Cloud Gateway Spring Cloud Gateway provides a library for building API gateways on top of Spring and Java. It provides a flexible way of routing requests based on a number of criteria, as well as focuses on cross-cutting concerns such as security, resiliency, and monitoring. An API gateway allows you to implement the complexity separately from the client, moving that responsibility from user side Continue Reading

Introduction of Spring Cloud Gateway

Reading Time: 4 minutes In a distributed environment, services need to communicate with each other. However, this is interservice communication. We also have use-cases where a client outside our domain wants to hit our services for the API. So, either we can expose the address of all our microservices which can be called by clients OR we can create a Service Gateway which routes the request to various microservices Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway Global Filters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Filters act as the place where you can modify the incoming requests before sending the requests to the internal microservices or before responding back to the client.The GlobalFilter interface has the same signature as GatewayFilter. These are special filters that are conditionally applied to all routes. Forward Routing Filter The ForwardRoutingFilter looks for a URI in the exchange attribute ServerWebExchangeUtils.GATEWAY_REQUEST_URL_ATTR. If the URL has a Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway Security with JWT

Reading Time: 3 minutes Security,As we all know that everything that is on the Internet need security. Especially when you create software and work with sensitive user data, such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, credit cards, etc.So,here we will go through securing API Gateway with Json Web Tokens(JWT). Spring recently released an update for microservice applications, and this update is a Spring Cloud Gateway that stands in front of all Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway with Actuator API

Reading Time: 2 minutes Actuator Actuator is a library which is provides many beneficial features and are production-ready to be utilised in our application. The main features of this library include monitoring of the application, collection of metrics, traffic flow or the status of the database.The actuator mainly works in exposing operational information about the running application. It uses HTTP endpoints or JMX beans to enable the interaction. Actuator Continue Reading

Spring Cloud API Gateway: Custom Predicate Factory

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview: Hello everyone, In this blog, we will deep down into routing predicate factories. Firstly we will know about what is a routing predicate factory? In a nutshell, a Predicate in Spring Cloud Gateway is an object that tests if the given request fulfills a given condition. For each route, we can define one or more prepositions. If satisfied, we accept requests for configured backend Continue Reading