Configure TURN server for webRTC with Firefox

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Initially, I was using turn server for webRTC in my application only with Chrome but later i got the requirement of using turn server with Firefox as well.

I tried to run my application on Firefox with the same code as for Chrome,but i was getting the below error :

Actually, as i mentioned in my previous blog Configure turn server for WebRTC on Amazon EC2 for configuring turn server that add below code in JavaScript file to use turn server:

Above code will run perfectly on Chrome but if you want to run on Firefox then change the above code as :

Above code will run for both Chrome and Firefox.

In older format, Firefox cannot find the username, and will not attempt to authenticate itself to the TURN server.

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  1. This doesn’t actually prove that FireFox uses TURN, which everything I’ve read says it doesn’t support yet. Try your code block without the STUN entry and also “url” is now deprecated in favor of “urls”.

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