Connect S3 Bucket via VPC Endpoint in AWS

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Connect S3  bucket via VPC Endpoint in AWS can help you access objects fast from S3 Bucket. A  VPC Endpoint establishes a connection to connect your VPC to supported AWS services privately, it doesn’t require public IP addresses, access over the Internet, NAT device, a VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect. VPC Endpoint policy is an IAM resource policy attached to an endpoint for controlling access from the endpoint to the specified service. by default, allows full access to the service

Connect S3 Bucket via Vpc Endpoint

Amazon vpc Endpint  via s3 diagram

We have two public and private subnets within the vpc. One of the public Ec2 instances wants to access the S3 bucket. Ec2 public instance will first go to the internet first then Amazon S3 and get the object. But if your private Ec2 wants to get some object from S3. It won’t be able to do so, because it has private IP.

An application running on EC2 instances processes sensitive information stored on Amazon S3. The information is accessed over the Internet. You are concerned that the Internet connectivity to Amazon S3 is a security risk in that scenario you can go with VPC Endpoint.

Create Endpoint

  • Search endpoint in you aws search box.
  • Click on create endpoint.  
  • Select service category as AWS services and seach for S3 gateway.
Endpoint creation
  • Select your vpc and route table you want to add endpoint.
  • Add policy to full acess or custom
  • Click on create
Route tables
Let ssh to our private instance via public instance and check is it working or not !!
EC2 public and private acess
I have successfully logged into my private Ec2 instance now list the S3.
S3 abucket cess in private EC2

so we have used “aws s3 ls ” command to list the s3 bucket. we don’t have any bucket created so it is showing nothing. let’s create a bucket.

Creating and listing S3 bucket
Now we are able to create and see our S3 in a private instance via the VPC endpoint.


I hope you are available to Connect S3 Bucket via VPC Endpoint in AWS

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