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Spring WebFlux — Error Handling

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In this Blog, we’ll take a look at the Spring WebFlux Error Handling using @ControllerAdvice. While calling the services/micro-services anything could go wrong and result in 500 “Internal Server Errors” as shown below error: Usually, error messages like this will not be handled properly and would be propagated to all the downstream services which might impact the user experience. In some cases, applications might want to use Continue Reading

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Zabbix – An open source monitoring Tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction to Zabbix Zabbix is a enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring tool created by Alexei Vladishev.It is managed by Zabbix SIA. It is used for monitors multiple things like network, health of the servers, applications, services, websites, databases, clouds and many more.We can send alerts by email, slack, and other ways for any event that is happening This helps in taking a fast action.It also Continue Reading


Introduction and working of web 3.0 and blockchain

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is Web 3.0? The third generation of web technologies is Web 3.0 (Web3). The World Wide Web, commonly referred to as the web, serves as the basic building block of the internet by offering website and application services. There are only a few, accepted definitions of Web 3.0 because it is continually changing and being defined. However, it is evident that Web 3.0 will Continue Reading