Create AWS EBS Volume Snapshot Using Boto3 Python

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Hello Everyone Today we will learn about how to create AWS EBS Volume snapshot using boto3 Python version.

Firstly before creating using Python script , we will create on AWS that will be based on User Interface with Manual steps.

What is AWS EBS snapshot

It provides with the data protection for the long term as well as with the durability

that are in EBS Volumes that can also be used across various regions.

Each time it stores the unique the data which is modified after the last taken EBS snapshot.



First create the two EC2 instance on AWS with the different zones, choose the default configuration to create the instances with the Free tier options.


After created the instances, generate the custom volume 

Fill up the details , provided with the already created in zone like [us-east-2b] to be add 
in the custom volume.


Now, Attach to the new volume in it.

Device name can be vary,


Need to mount the Volume . 

Now we will use the python script to create it using Boto3

Example to create the script,

import boto3
AWS_REGION = "us-west-2c"
EC2_RESOURCE = boto3.resource('ec2', region_name=AWS_REGION)
VOLUME_ID = 'vol-011d7b0e740c4f587'
snapshot = EC2_RESOURCE.create_snapshot(
'ResourceType': 'snapshot',
'Tags': [
'Key': 'Name',
'Value': 'hands-on-cloud-ebs-snapshot'


Hope you got to know about the Boto3 using the python script. There are many other services

provided by Boto3 like instance creation and managing the IAM users and bucket lists in the

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