Creating Forms Using Survey Monkey

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Nowadays, for creating a survey form there are many options available. Survey Monkey is one of the tools for creating various types of surveys and polls. Various templates are also available that can be helpful while creating a form. There is also an option for customizing the surveys. We can also ask a survey monkey to build a survey for us.

Survey questions

In a single survey form, there are multiple types of questions that can be added. The types of questions survey monkey supports are:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Rating scale questions
  • Likert scale questions
  • Matrix questions
  • Dropdown questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Demographic questions
  • Ranking questions
  • Image choice questions
  • Click map questions
  • File upload questions
  • Slider questions
  • Benchmarkable questions

Survey designing

There are various options available for designing a survey. The appearance will help change the look and layout of the survey. Edit any one of the themes to make it our own.

The logic option can be used to enhance the behavior of survey to help improve the quality of the data collected from the respondents. This means we can route respondents to sections or questions depending on how they answer multiple-choice questions in your survey.

There are three types of survey format available in survey monkey:
One Question at a Time – Automatically scrolls to the next question.
Classic – Shows all questions on a page at once.
Conversation – Turns the survey into a chat conversation.

Collectors in Survey Monkey

As the name suggests, it is the way of collecting the survey responses or can be said as the way of sharing the survey. The same or different types of Multiple collectors can be added to a single survey form. There are multiple types of collectors survey monkey supports. Types of collector:

  • Web link collector
  • Email collector
  • Social Media collector
  • Website collector
  • Mobile SDK collector
  • Facebook Messenger Collector
  • Kiosk Survey Collector

Analysis of Survey Responses

There are various ways in which we can analyse the responses from each respondent. It can be on the basis of questions or on the basis of the answers option. The analysis can also be seen in various graphical and textual information, and can also be exported in various formats.

Survey Monkey helps create a survey with the best features. Various APIs are also available for fulfilling these features.

The advantage of using survey monkey is that we have got more control over the form formatting and when we want to export the survey data it is much more streamlined.

That’s all for this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading.