Creating VPC in AWS

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Hello Readers! In this blog we are going to how we can create a VPC in AWS in a few simple steps. Before starting we will firstly see What is VPC?

Virtual Private Cloud:

VPC is a private section of AWS that you control, in which you can place AWS resources i.e ec2 or databases. The user has full control over who has access to the aws resources that you place inside your VPC. 

There is a limit on the number of VPC you can create per region i.e 5. And there is a default of 200 subnets per region you can create. So, when you create a VPC there are certain resources that get created like default network ACL, internet gateway, default route table.

Let’s get started!

Step1: We will create an elastic IP because we will be creating a NAT gateway. So, firstly Move to VPC Dashboard using the following steps.


After this move to Elastic IP and click on Allocate Elastic IP Address. A page will open, choose this and click the Allocate button.


Copy this allocation ID needed for creating VPC.


Step2: Now we will create a VPC. For this click Launch VPC Wizard.

Click here Public and Private subnets and click the select button.

Step3: Give here the VPC name as your wish and fill all the requirements here needed. Select availability zone. Give here the public and private subnet name. And paste here the Elastic Allocation IP you created earlier.


Click on create VPC. It will create all the resources along with VPC. 


This will take a couple of minutes because it needs to provision everything. Now, we can see here the VPC is created.

It has created two subnets, one private and another public subnet. If you want to create more subnets you can.

It also has created a NAT gateway we can see here.

It’s all done now. You have successfully created a VPC now. 

Now we will see how to delete this VPC. For doing this firstly we have to delete NAT gateway. Follow the following process.

Type here delete.


The NAT gateway gots deleted. Now let’s delete the VPC.

It will successfully delete the created VPC. We are all done now!


So, In this blog we have seen in some simple steps how we can create a VPC in AWS. After that we have also seen how we can delete VPC in AWS.Thanks for being with me till the end. If you find this blog helpful do share with your friends.


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