Cryptography And Encryption Are Need Of The Hour

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Nowaday’s every lock has its key. The locks may be physical or digital. And when it comes to digital locks then we talk about the security of online content. That is why Cryptography came into existence. In historic times, a scribe used unexpected hieroglyphic characters instead of the usual ones. And this leads to safe & secure communication between people. Now there are two terms we can come across. The first is cryptography & the second is encryption

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography, as the name suggests, is generally the study of methods like encryption. Its main objective is to provide methods simply to secure and protect information and communications using encryption and related techniques. The benefit of cryptography is that it simply allows one to store sensitive information. In addition, it transmits the Information across insecure networks. The functionalities include authentication, nonrepudiation, confidentiality, and integrity.

What is Encryption?

The technique used to conceal messages using algorithms is Encryption. The fundamental application of cryptography encodes a message with an algorithm & generally helps to protect private information, sensitive data, and enhance the security of communication among client apps and servers. The most popular & effective data security techniques include Encryption.

So cryptography is a study of techniques like encryption & its related processes with the aim to apply complex mathematics & logic to design strong encryption methods. Cryptography includes symmetric key cryptography & asymmetric key cryptography which helps it to prove a guard for information & communication. The uses of the same are in our day-to-day life. Now coming to encryption, it is a technique of cryptography. Or we can say it is considered a principal application of cryptography. Encryption uses algorithms to encrypt & decrypt data & conceal the content of the message by changing it into code. It can protect data across devices by following the same approaches as ciphertext, plaintext & cipher. Every day new ways are being discovered to encrypt data to increase security standards of communication on digital platforms. So keep upgrading the methods of encryption because nothing is secure on the internet.

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