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The sheer amount and variety of existing and new data generated in the world today are unprecedented. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for organizations to use their data to create Change that Matters. Knoldus helps clients identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from data, and turn them into competitive advantages.

Data Strategy and Governance

As integrated enterprise solutions evolve, we can help bring the larger picture into focus. Understanding your global data goals and concerns and developing a roadmap allowing your organization to garner the greatest benefit from all your data resources. Our solutions are derived from functioning at the highest strategic levels down to the most tactical concerns.

Implementation of proper data design, incorporating short and long term goals, is paramount in achieving cost-effective and highly performing data solutions. We are highly skilled in this science and able to drive large efforts with thousands of entities, or simple solutions with less than one hundred. We have deep experience with all types of data design patterns that support data that fits a relational model as well as unstructured data that may not. We also have deep experience with data mart, data warehousing, and the underlying models that support business intelligence and analytics.

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Data Engineering

Implementing properly engineered solutions in today’s data space is a daunting challenge for any organization. The volumes of data, number of disparate sources, and tooling choices require a new breadth of expertise and new approach paradigms. Informed business decisions require data that is readily available and accurate. The key is effectively harnessing the value of that data to create a competitive advantage.

Knoldus’ experienced team of data engineering consultants can help your team develop the strategies for turning vast amounts of data into valuable business assets both with Big Data and Fast Data pipelines. We will work with you to bring all your sources of data together so it is secure, available, and accessible. We also solve real problems connecting systems that are struggling to keep up with high-volume, high-speed transactional data needs.

We work with batching and streaming technologies to build pipelines which would efficiently harness data from different sources and get them into a central repository for analytics and decision making.

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Data Lake and Warehouse

The concept of Data Lake is to store structurally and spatially heterogeneous data sources with complex storage modes reliably. These data sources would then be accessible at any time to help support your optimal business decisions.

A Data Lake is practically synonymous with a modern data warehouse. As end-users are faced with larger and more complex challenges set by new innovations and the progress of technology, which in turn impose new demands on data storage systems, making the evolution of data processing and storage an inevitable next step in keeping up with such developments.

This shift in ‘Big Data‘ has resulted in new and conceptually different approaches to data storage – storing all types of data in a single location regardless of size and complexity, using increased computing power with massive parallelization and distributed processing. This approach provides customers the ability to process large amounts of data in a negligible amount of time and with a minimal load to current systems.

Knoldus’s Cloud Data Lakes and data warehouses integrate data from disparate sources, govern data quality, and deliver a single version of the truth. With data privacy and security built-in from the ground up, these ‘little-engines-that-could’ also deliver cloud-enabled scalability, self-service capability for democratized access, and faster time-to-market for new data products.

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Advanced Analytics

We help you extract maximum value from all your data assets, no matter their location or format. Our analytics experts collaborate with you to tackle your most daunting challenges, so you not only get results quickly but build the internal skills to extend your new data prowess.

We apply the latest analytics techniques and tools to help you generate insights that yield better, faster decisions. From customer experience to employee engagement, our Advanced Analytics team can help you transform your operations and transform your data into a perpetual source of value.

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