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Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how we can deploy angular applications with the help of Elastic Beanstalk. In my previous blog you have seen how to deploy applications using EB CLI. The reference blog link is :

So, as you know that AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a service offered by AWS which helps us for deploying the applications.

Let’s get started !

Step 1: Firstly you must have an AWS account before starting. So, Create an AWS account if you don’t have one. After that Login to your AWS account and Click on Services menu > Choose Elastic Beanstalk.


Step 2:  Click on Create Application.


Give the application name and platform as your need.


Here I am choosing PHP as my platform.


Now, If you want to choose sample application code then you can. Otherwise you can upload your code here. I will choose to upload your code here.


Step 3: Click on Choose File.

So, let’s Upload the zip file of your code here. And Click on create application.

Elastic Beanstalk

Step 4:  Now you will be able to see the following page where you will see the create Environment is starting.


And the following process will take a few minutes as it has to create many resources like ec2 instance, security groups, s3 bucket etc. After completing this process a page will open like this where you can see that the health of the application is green. It means everything is OK.


As we can see, beanstalk has provided the URL to access our application. If you click the URL provided here you will be able to see your application.

 So, let’s click it.


Congrats! 👏 You have deployed your application to Elastic Beanstalk with the easiest steps.

For instance, if you want to change the configuration of the deployed application. You can click here the option provided on the left side.


The list of the configurations you will see on the page. To do that click on the Edit button. Edit your configuration as per your need.

That’s it!. This was all about the easiest way of deploying applications in Elastic Beanstalk. Therefore you are done with deploying your app to the Elastic Beanstalk. Open the URL provided by the Elastic Beanstalk and enjoy!


Therefore In this blog we saw with a few easy steps how we can deploy our application in Elastic Beanstalk and you can also change the configuration as per your requirement. Thanks for being with me till the end. If you find this blog helpful do share with your friends.


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