Employee-Self-Service: Reactive and Non-Blocking Database Access using Play Framework and Anorm – (Part-4)

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Last week, We have added Database Access as Reactive and Non-Blocking behaviour in Employee-Self-Service  application.

Now we have added some more features. These are following:

  • Achieving, Futures to use more idiomatic error handling.
  • Replaced the embedded JS & CSS libraries with WebJars.
  • Achieving, table pagination and sorting functionality.



Cleaned up the Futures to use more idiomatic error handling. Implemented by James Ward

Replaced the embedded JS & CSS libraries with WebJars. Implemented by James Ward

Do the following steps to implement WebJars functionality with Play Framework:

  1. Add following entry into build.sbt file.

2. Add following entry into  conf/routes file.

3. Add following entry into app/views/main.scala.html file.

Special thanks to James Ward for his contribution and valuable time to improve the code quality and implemented the WebJars functionality into this application.

Check the application and the code base on bellow links:

The live application is currently hosted at : http://employee-self-service.herokuapp.com/
The Github code for the project is at : https://github.com/knoldus/Employee-Self-Service

This is the fourth edition of this application. If you have any changes then feel free to send in pull requests and we would do the merges 🙂 Stay tuned.

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