Experiences at Cloud Computing Conference Pune 2011

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I was one of the speaker of the second IndicThreads conference held at Pune on 3-4th June 2011.

Sessions at the conference dealt with key topics like Cloud Security, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Legal Issues in Cloud Computing, OpenStack, Xen Cloud Platform, Rails and CouchDB on the cloud, CloudFoundry, Gigapaces PAAS, Monitoring Cloud Applications, ORM with Objectify-Appengine, Scalable Architecture on Amazon AWS Cloud, Cloud Lock-in, Cloud Interoperability, Apache Hadoop, Map Reduce and Predictive Analysis.

My talk focussed on managing persistence on GAE. It dealt with choices available to a developer and then focussed on doing it with Objectify-Appengine.

Demo application is present here for download. For the instructions on how to run it please read the wiki.