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Hi everyone, Let’s discuss a feature in Apigee called as Apps. This is a feature that allows us to secure our proxy from unauthorized access. In this blog, we are going to create an App and utilize it properly.

So, first of all, we will see what is an App in Apigee.


An App is a feature that Apigee provides us as the primary mechanism for controlling APIs in which you can control who can access your APIs and much more. The App will provide you an App-key after registering successfully.
So, the reason for creating an App is to make your APIs more secure.

Prerequisite to Build an App

To create an app we need all of the following:
– At least one Product
– one Developer


A developer is a feature provided by Apigee. The developer helps us to handle many things. Just Imagine if you can handle who can have access to APIs and other things in apigee. Like, Traffic-management and API security will be dependent on knowing who is calling.
So Apigee does provide us that feature as a Developer. A Developer is used while creating an App and after it, we get credentials that can be used to hit the specific proxies or other benefits.

Creating a Developer

  • Go to Publish => Developers.
  • Click on +Developers button.
  • Fill the details.
  • Now you have created a developer

Creating an App

Now you know how to create a Developer and already knew how to create a product(If not go through Getting Started with Apigee). So, let’s create an App.

  • The First step, Go to Publish => Apps.
  • Click on +Apps.
  • Fill the basic details.
NameName of the app. You can’t change the name laterYes
Display NameName for the app that appearsNo
Company/DeveloperSelect Company or Developer and select a company or developer name from the drop-down.
Note: Apigee hybrid does not support company apps; this field does not apply
Callback URLTypically specifies the URL of an app that is designated to receive an authorization code on behalf of the client appNo
NotesDescriptions for the app.No
  • Now specify products and other credentials
ExpiryConfigure an expiration duration or date.
or select never
ProductsClick Add product.
Select one or more API products from the list.
  • Now you have created an App.

Working of an App

When we register an app, the app developer selects which API products to use and provide a single API-key that the developer can use to access those API products. So, the no. of products mentioned in App can now use api-key.
To use api-key you must have enabled the “Verify API Key” policy in the specific api-proxy. So the API key will be required in each call to the API proxies contained in the API products. If you will not provide the api-key while calling the proxy then you will face an error. At any time, you can revoke an app’s API key, that will prevent an app developer from accessing all or a subset of API products referenced by that app.

This was all about the Apps. I hope you know the use and working of App now. If you have any feedback or queries, please do let me know in the comments. Also, if you liked the article, please give me a thumbs up and I will keep writing blogs like this for you in the future as well. Keep reading and Keep coding.


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