Functional Coverage with Jacoco Agent in Maven project(uses Apache Spark)

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Hello Friends ,
In last day i was doing some configuration work to extract functional coverage report using JACOCO Agent.jar. At first i would mention that i was working on maven project and it was running over the Apache Spark 1.5 .
I followed steps mentioned below to get functional coverage  (You can comment below if you have any better way to do this 🙂 ).

1. Download jacoco-agent.jar

2. Extract the jar and you’ll find a jacoco-agent.jar inside the extracted folder.

3.Configure spark-default.conf with your project(as most probably you had configured in start of your project) and jacoco-agent.



4. Run the spark-submit command.

5. Execute your functionality(or Querry).

6. Now stop the spark-submit command.

7. jacoco.exec would be placed at the destfile path(/tmp/jacoco).If already yo have generated your jacoco.exec from any other way you can follow step 8 & 9 to generate report in HTML format.

8. Add following plugin to pom.xml in your project :

<!– Jococo–>
      <!– Sets the path to the file which contains the execution data. –>
      <!– Sets the output directory for the code coverage report. –>
  <!– Sets the VM argument line used when unit tests are run. –>
  <!– Skips unit tests if the value of skip.unit.tests property is true –>
  <!– Excludes integration tests when unit tests are run. –>
<!– Jococo–>

  1. Run mvn test from from your project.Coverage report in html format generated at specified location as given in maven plugin.



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