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Snyk is a platform that scans, fixes security, vulnerabilities and prioritize your code,

open source dependencies, container images and Infrastructure as a Code (IaC).

In basic terms, it works as a scanning tool (like an antivirus) which helps you to prevent

your code from unwanted vulnerabilities.

Snyk is a Boston-based cybersecurity company specializing in cloud computing and founded in 2015.

It integrates the open source code that runs inside a container which is deployed on IaC with technology like Kubernetes and Terraform. So that all these processes should be secured.

It Integrates the DevOps process so that it will be feasible to work with the developers with best practices and industry standards.

It directly integrates with IDS and workflow with automation pipelines to add security.

What is Snyk ?

Snyk open source helps development and security teams to find prioritize and fix vulnerabilities.

It enables fast development in fact the vast majority of the code making up applications.

The only way to effectively mitigate this security and legal risk is by integrating security into development workflows and empowering developers to take ownership of security.

Snyk open source provides the key ingredients required to align with this approach intuitive and frictionless.

Snyk open source is a developer-friendly tool that integrates seamlessly into existing development workflows.

Uses of Snyk

  • Secure your code
  • Secure your container
  • Secure your deployment

Secure your Code

It means fixing the dependencies and vulnerabilities in your code

Secure your Container

It means fixing the container images and Kubernetes applications.

Secure your Deployment

It uses to fix the wrong configuration in Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and Azure templates.

Uses of Snyk cloud to fix the wrong configuration in AWS and GCP accounts.


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