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What is Taurus?

  • Taurus is a free and open source framework for Continuous Testing which helps us by hiding the complexities of running performance tests
  • Extends the functionality of open source testing tools such like JMeter, K6, Selenium, and more
  • It provides a simplified way to configure and run automated performance tests and display the results in the most effective form
  • It can consume configuration files written in JSON or YAML languages

Why Taurus for Performance Testing?

  • Installation and setup is easy
  • It has ability to run existing scripts that are written in JMeter, Grinder, Gatling or Selenium
  • We can merge multiple test scripts easily into a single test run so it saves our time also
  • It provides real time reporting so it helps user to get better understanding

How to Configure Taurus for Performance Testing?

We will need Python 3.7+ and Java installed and to install Taurus on Linux, kindly follow the instructions :

1) Firstly open the terminal and run the command “sudo apt-get update”

2) Execute the below-mentioned command on the terminal

“sudo apt-get install python3 default-jre-headless python3-tk python3-pip python3-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev zlib1g-dev net-tools”

3) Moving further execute the command “sudo python3 -m pip install bzt”

4) Now we need to upgrade to the latest version, so run the following command

“sudo python3 -m pip install –upgrade bzt”

5) Then, to install Taurus run the below-mentioned command

“pip install bzt”

6) Now we need to upgrade the latest version, so run the below-mentioned command

“pip install –upgrade bzt”

How to Run Performance Test with Taurus?

1) Create a config file, provide test execution details and scenarios

2) To run the test, execute the below-mentioned command

“bzt file_name”

3) Test starts and Result starts showing in console

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