Getting started with Git logs (Part -2)

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Git logs play an important role to get details about the activity of the commit. We will learn about git logs in this blog. This blog is the second part of my last blog. I hope you have read my last blog on the same topic. if not please have a look at that blog also, refer to the below link to get that blog-

1. –abbrev-commit: Shorten git commit hash-id

Command: git log --abbrev-commit
The full 40-byte hexadecimal commit object name is shortened to default 7-bytes.

git log --abbrev-commit

Let us club it with the ‘--oneline‘ option for a convenient view, like so:
Command: git log --abbrev-commit --oneline


What’s more exciting is that you can also specify the byte length of sha-1 ids using the ‘–abbrev=<n>’ option, as shown below:
Command: git log --abbrev-commit --abbrev=5 --oneline

Clearly, the highlighted sha-1 ids are reduced to a 5-byte size.

2. –no-abbrev-commit

Show the full 40-byte hexadecimal commit object name.
This negates –abbrev-commit and those options which imply it such as “–oneline”.
Command: git log --pretty=oneline --no-abbrev-commit

3. –relative-date

Command: git log --relative-date

Kindly note, this highlighted time is subject to change with reference to the time you execute the command on your system.

4. –date=<format>

You can also format the commit git logs date in any of the following format options:

4.1 –date=relative

Command :git log --date=relative
This is synonymous with the above command “git log --relative-date” and prints the same commits.

4.2 –date=local

Commandgit log --date=local

4.3 –date=iso

Command: git log --date=iso

4.5 –date=iso-strict

Command: git log --date=iso-strict

4.6 –date=rfc

Command: git log --date=rfc

4.7 –date=short

Command: git log --date=short

4.8 –date=raw (shows the date in seconds)

Command: git log --date=raw
Print the time as seconds since the unix epoc time ( Jan 01 1970 ) followed by the timezone.

4.9 –date=human

Command: git log --date=human

4.10 –date=unix

Shows the date as unix epoc (UTC) time.
Command: git log --date=unix


I have covered new commands. I have more command in this below. If you have not read the last blog on the same topic then please follow the below


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