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gratitude fortnight
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“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” – Albert Schweitzer

With a vision to encourage a culture of appreciation, we at Knoldus dedicated an entire fortnight to be grateful to everyone we have in our lives. The idea is to instill in each one of us the spirit of being appreciative of what we all are contributing to each others’ lives here at Knoldus. 

Vikas Hazrati, our CEO and Co-Founder strongly believes that none of us here is working as an ‘employee’ in the conventional sense rather Knoldus is working with all of us to achieve our mutual goals together. Hence, the idea of a Gratitude Fortnight was born so that we could come together as a family as an expression of this philosophy. 

The Gratitude Fortnight was observed from 4th August till 14th August 2019 so that we can club the celebration of Independence Day along with the same. 

Gratitude Messages from some of our Team Members 

The Gratitude Fortnight was kickstarted with ‘Thank You’ messages for everyone by Vikas Hazrati, Bhavya Aggarwal and our Neeraj Chugh followed by a few of our team leads. 

In Vikas’ gratitude message, he thanked all Knolders (Knoldus employees) for being prompt in suggesting new ideas to clients, being transparent and exhibiting high integrity. He also expressed his pride for the knowledge base that Knolders are creating through blog posts, Knolx sessions, and conference talks. 

“I would like to thank the entire Knoldus Family for getting us this far. It is the contribution of each one of us which takes Knoldus as a whole forward. We are incredibly proud of the engineers who work with us (not for us) and we are incredibly proud of what we can achieve together.” – Vikas Hazrati

Likewise, Bhavya Aggarwal, our CTO & Partner, admired the courage and constant thirst for learning of Knolders. He admired our zeal for taking initiative and new challenges without doubting whether we will be successful or not. What defines us, according to him, is “Being fearless and taking challenges head-on”.

Himanshu Gupta, an integral part of our team thanked all Knolders for their hard work, dedication, and motivation that has set the organization apart from others. 

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. Knoldus’ success is a dream that became a reality because of the will power of all the Knolders who worked day and night. Thanks to all the Knolders for making Knoldus successful.” – Himanshu Gupta

Activities for Gratitude Week

The Gratitude Fortnight was packed with fun-filled and motivating activities which brought all Knolders together. These activities started on 4th August and were held till 14th August when the Independence Day celebration was clubbed with them. Here’s a list of activities that were held during the Gratitude Fortnight at Knoldus.

Peer & Support Team Gratitude Stars

Knolders wrote gratitude messages for their peers and seniors and pinned them up outside their cubicles. Reading these messages made Knolders feel appreciated.

Guess the No. 

Knolders were required to guess the number of toffees in a tray and the one whose answer was the closest would get all the toffees. 

Gratitude Stones

We had Knolders write gratitude messages on smooth, light-colored stones that they can keep at their desks or in a common basket in the office. The idea was to help Knolders something tangible as reminders whenever they are feeling ungrateful or demotivated.

Golgappa competition

As the name suggests, the person eating the most number of golgappas will be declared as the winner. But the twist was that there will be a team of two people in which one of them will be blindfolded and will be asked to prepare the golgappas for his/her partner. 

Musical Chair 

It was a fun-filled game of the good, old musical chair.

Gratitude board

Knolders made a list of three things that they have felt appreciated for lately and write them down on the Thank you cards, which were available on the wiki page. 

Tumbler pyramid 

Participants had to break the pyramid of glasses within three turns to be considered as a winner. 

Passing the parcel

This was just like the game is played in the traditional sense. A toy was passed with the music in the background and participants had to choose a challenge written on slips in a bowl. 

Last, but not least, we wish everyone Happy 73rd Independence Day! With deep gratitude, let’s honor our freedom fighters on this day who sacrificed their lives so that we can gain independence as a nation.

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