Handling Twitter share response

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Twitter  share is a way to allow user  to share website / tweet on the twitter . There are various methods to share data  on twitter , but here we are using  javascript method .We can customize tweet  using data attributes .
Followings are steps need to be followed
1) Add javascript in file . It would be better to add javascript  just below <body> .

2) Add below anchor tag  where you would like to render the Tweet Button .


To display count box (number of share) remove data-count=”none” attribute  or set data-count=”horizontal”
3) If you would like to handle the tweet response , you need to bind the twitter response by using following script .


twttr.events.bind method would be called when tweet posted successfully .


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  1. this alert message is shows when popup is open. Not get response after successfully shared the post to twitter.

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