Has COVID-19 bubbled up digital transformation challenges?

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Even prior to COVID-19; 92% of companies said that their business models would need to transform given digitization.

However, despite the enormous efforts that companies have put into digital transformation and many of them achieving success, COVID-19 has brought vulnerabilities to surface.

In our first KnolBytes session, we spoke to Vikas Hazrati, CEO & Co-Founder at Knoldus about the importance of Digital Transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 situation. Vikas shares how companies in various industries are facing unique challenges amidst the pandemic and the different facets of Digital transformation that they are trying to achieve in order to overcome these challenges.

He also shares that these challenges are not new and they have only bubbled up because of the urgency to digitally transform entire businesses to respond to the uncertainties. This has increased the risk of failure during the transformation process as it involves changing the entire mindset of the organization. But how can organizations rise above these challenges to succeed?

Listen how Knoldus is helping companies to mitigate these failures with a unique Digital Transformation process, here.

Respond to uncertainty with Knoldus’ expertise

The Knoldus Digital Platform (KDP) is uniquely positioned to enable digital transformation across all key aspects of your business value chain. It helps you to achieve enhanced business performance while minimizing costs, associated risks, and the chance of failure during the transformation process.

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