Highlights of Scala Days, New York 2018

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Scala Days was held on June 19-21, 2018 in New York and hosted by Lightbend, which brings together hundreds of like-minded Scala developers, engineers, and sponsors from around the world to exchange info, learn from keynotes and to celebrate Scala community. Did you miss the event? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Vikas Hazrati and Ram Indukuri from Knoldus Inc. attended Scala Days 2018, New York and learned a lot from the keynotes. The panel sessions were packed with technical deep dives and demos from experts.


The event started with the keynote by Scala creator Martin Odersky on “ Preparing for Scala 3 ”. He discussed the next version of Scala, 2.13 and gave an overview of the improvements in tooling and the standard library. The planned steps after this release were directed towards Scala 3. This will be an important transition for the Scala ecosystem, introducing a simpler, more regular, and more expressive version of the language.  You can access the whole keynote of Martin Odersky from here.

The other interesting note is “Scala Is for Everyone”. As the topic suggested, everyone can learn Scala.  People with a little or no CS background adopting the Scala language on workshops, kids understanding FP basis. Anyone who has a desire can learn Scala. You can watch the whole keynote from here.

Another interesting session was by Neha Narkhede (Co-founder and CTO at Confluent). This talk explained how companies are taking advantage of real-time data by leveraging the concepts of events and streams to transform their business to meet the demands of the digital future and how Apache Kafka serves as the foundation to streaming data applications.







She also explained how KSQL, Connect, and the Streams API with Apache Kafka capture the entire scope of what it means to put real time into practice. To get the slides, please click here.

All of the sessions were recorded and are available here.

Knoldus Booth at Scala Days, New York

Knoldus Inc. was the Gold Sponsor at Scala Days, New York. Vikas & Ram from Knoldus were present at the booth and discussed how reactive application is going to play an important role in the near future.  Our unique approach (Knolway) that enables us to combine key capabilities to deliver disruptive, scalable and innovations for clients by leveraging Lightbend, Inc. platform.











We also showcased the live demo of CodeSquad at our booth. With the help of CodeSquad, you can have qualitative analysis and insight into the projects by highlighting any missing or problematic attributes. Features of CodeSquad are:

  1. Continuous Quality Check
  2. Visualise the history of a project
  3. Graphs and visualizations to track project quality
  4. Real-time notifications

We also distributed corporate swag – Stickers, Camera Blockers, and  MousePad to all the excited visitors at the booth.

Our company continues to expand, offering many exciting and challenging opportunities to fuel the digital complex transformation. If you couldn’t make it to our booth then don’t worry we still have the opportunities available for the position of Lead Consultant, so feel free to send your resume at careers@knoldus.com  

With all this Scala Days has come to an end and it was an amazing few days. Now, let’s get back to work and see what Scala 3 will bring to the table, and we’re looking forward to it.

Drop us a line to discover how we are leveraging Scala ecosystem and delivering solutions that are designed to last and improve business performance.

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