How Can Scala Prove Beneficial For Your Business?

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Do you love programming in Java but hate its restrictions and complexities?

In that case, maybe you should be looking for something with a bit more syntactical flexibility and versatility. If you have a lot of experience in Java and want something similar but much more efficient, organized, and flexible, then Scala might be what you need.

What is Scala?

Scala is an elegant programming language meant to act as a superior, more flexible alternative to Python and Java. It works off the Java Virtual Machine to allow you to make concise, detailed, and robust code.

Scala was created in 2003 to specifically overthrow Java and its outdated components while allowing for something cleaner, smoother, and simpler at the same time. If you’ve used Twitter, then you’re familiar with what Scala can do. Twitter was initially made in Ruby but immediately jumped ship to Scala in 2009 after its developers and management witnessed the incredible advantages of modern web development with Scala. The optimization and speed with which Twitter transitioned to Scala shocked many and serves as a shining example of Scala’s capability.

What Makes Scala So Good?

Programmers love Scala because it comes with a ton of developer tools and combines the power of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and functional programming languages simultaneously. It gives you the pros of each while limiting the downsides of each at the same time.

As long as your team is knowledgeable about Objects, they can improve their code with the Scaladex ecosystem, generating less error-prone code that’s more efficient and concise at the same time.

The Scaladex ecosystem comprises over 175,000 libraries and comes with a thriving community that provides exhaustive documentation and updates at break-neck speeds. Its simpler syntax, static types, along with Jetbrain and Eclipse, allows you to keep your code bug-free while allowing rapid delivery with minimal errors. Scala’s simplicity is its strength. This makes all testing and refactoring simple, pain-free, and quick.

How Can Scala Help Your Business?

Your programmers will love Scala because of how much it makes their lives easier. Your stakeholders will love Scala because of how it speeds up your development cycle and allows you to jump into the market at critical times to enable you to hold an edge over your competitors.

The clean code translates into less technical debt in the long run. Its robust toolkit allows you to solve the most significant problems you’ll face during development and eliminate side effects and the potential difficulties of weaker code. This translates into less downtime, fewer bugs, and a better experience for your developers and your end-users, who can get on with what they need to do because “It just works.”

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