How Easier the Performance Testing with Jmeter.

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Many developers were struggling with HP LoadRunner/Performance Center. To overcome these difficulties, it’s important to utilize easy to use testing tools. If the testing tool is user-friendly for the developers/testers, they will use it and explore its possibilities.

If it’s difficult to incorporate in the daily work, only a small fraction of developers/testers will use this testing tool. The others will either ignore it or use it minimally. It’s definitely much easier than learning VuGen from HPE LoadRunner and other tools as well.

Scripting is Easier

  • The JMeter GUI is basically drag and drop object oriented .
  • It helps us save mountains of time during scripting, even with complex scripts.
  • JMeter’s easy scripting also enables smaller teams to work on each script.
  • In Jmeter scripting is optional,more intuitive and all takes place in one screen.
  • In LoadRunner, the complex scripting required dozens of engineers to remain in sync.
  • It is an impossible mission that each had his or her own philosophy of correlation rules, scripting, programming and knowledge of the tool.
  • This would result in losing changes made in the code. 
  • In JMeter, smaller teams are enough, making collaboration easier

This Imge Indicate how to add the test step to create the script.

Record the jmx file using Jmeter with proxy. You can also record the jmx of Jmeter using Blazemeter . Edit dynamically as per requirements. To record the jmx with blazemeter – you need to add blazemeter extension in chrome.

Execution is Easier

  • You can manually set up your own load generators for small loads .
  • It just need a couple of minutes to install Java, download JMeter and upload the JMeter script file. 
  • You can directly upload the jmx file in GUI mode of Jmeter and run the Jmeter script with the required configuration and get the reports.
  • You can also use the Non-GUI mode of jmeter through command line and execute the script as for best practice you should use Non-GUI  mode or as per the requirements
This image indicate what configurations need to set for execute script.

(opens in a new tab)Preview AMP

Analysis is Easier

  • You can either add graphs or listeners to view test results, or merge the results in JTL files.
  •  Results are easy to understand for less experienced engineers, and also allow in-depth analysis for testers with more know-how. 
This image indicate how to add listeners and analysis the reports in jmeter for the best performance results
  • In the above image, Aggregate Report under the listener  shows samples,response times, errors%, throughput and 90 % etc in real time.
  •  In other listeners  you can see  the load generators counters like CPU, Mem, IO and Network. 
  • If External monitors were set like StackDriver, CloudWatch or New Relic, graphs would be available for monitoring in Jmeter.
  • All the results  and reports can be collaborated through the cloud, the JTL and logs are available for downloading and there is a high-level version for upper-level management.

I feel comfortable when working with JMeter, because JMeter allows me to do what I need in a simple, portable and compatible way. Most performance projects take me around 40 to 50 hours to complete, either for Web or Mobile. In LoadRunner, a similar project might take 200-300 hours, 5 or 6 times more, and would usually require 2-3 team members, instead of one.

Also, JMeter is free to use, which is a huge advantage. Finally, configuration with CI/CD tools like Jenkins for test automation and shifting left is easier.

If you are a Performance Engineer and you are committed to one tool, you should consider looking at new options.  Choose the tool that best suits your specific needs, be creative and stay curious.


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I have around 5 Year of Experience in Software Testing. I am working as API Tester and Performance Testing and Used the tools like Jmeter,Postman, ReadyAPI(SoapUI),LoadUI .I have Knowledge of core concepts of manual and automation both and also have knowledge in basic of Selenium Webdriver.I always ready to adopt any environment and zeal to learn the new tools & technologies