How MarkLogic Server is used in different industries

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I will be walking through some of the cases studies and industry use cases that are being talked about in the official MarkLogic Solutions –

MarkLogic Server currently operates in a variety of industries. Although the data retracted and extracted from MarkLogic differs in each sector, many customers have similar data management issues.

Common issues include:

  • Low cost
  • Accurate and efficient search
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Ability to store heterogeneous data from multiple sources in a single repository and make it immediately available for search
  • Rapid application development and deployment

Publishing/Media Industry

BIG Publishing accepts data sources from publishers, wholesalers, and distributors and sells them
information in data sources, web services, and websites, as well as through other proprietary solutions.

Demand for the vast amount of information stored in the company’s database was high the company’s search solutions working with a conventional relational database were not effectively fulfilling that requirement. The company recognized that a new search solution was needed for customers to get relevant content from its huge database.

The database had to handle 600,000 to 1 million updates per day while searching and when loading new content. The company was usually six to eight days behind schedule when a particular document would arrive at a time when it would be available to its customers.

MarkLogic combines full-text search with the W3C standard XQuery language. MarkLogic the platform can simultaneously load, query, manipulate, and render content. When loading the content to MarkLogic, it is automatically converted to XML and indexed so it is instantly available for search. Hiring MarkLogic allowed the company to improve search capabilities through a combination of XML element query, XML proximity searching, and full-text search. MarkLogic’s XQuery interface searches the content and structure of XML data and facilitates access to XML content. It only took about 4 to 5 months company to develop solutions and implement them.

Government / Public Sector

XYZ Government wants to make it easier for county employees, developers, and residents to access real-time information about zoning changes, county ordinances, and property history. The county has volumes of data in different systems and in different formats the need to ensure more efficient access to data while maintaining the integrity of the recorded data. They need a solution that fits into their local IT infrastructure, can be implemented quickly and keeps hardware and license costs low and predictable.

The solution is to migrate all existing PDF, Word, or CAD files from the county’s legacy systems to MarkLogic, which provides secure storage for all record data, easy-to-use search, and the ability to geospatially view results on a map.

By centralizing their data in MarkLogic, district officials can access all the data they need from one central repository. MarkLogic allows the county to transform and enrich the data, as well as view and correlate it in a variety of ways using a variety of applications. Additionally, XYZ Government can make this information even more accessible to its constituents by deploying a publicly accessible web portal with powerful search capabilities on top of the same central MarkLogic repository.

Financial Services Industry

ABC Services Inc. provides financial research to customers on a subscription basis. Because every second counts in the fast-paced world of stock trading, the company needs to deliver new research to its subscribers as quickly as possible to help them make better decisions about their trades.

Unfortunately, this effort was hampered by the company’s outdated infrastructure. Due to the shortcomings of the current tool, they were unable to easily respond to new requirements or fully utilize the documents being created. In addition, they could not meet their targets for timely delivery of alerts.

ABC Services has replaced its legacy system with MarkLogic Server. Now the company can take full advantage of the information from the research. The solution significantly reduces alert latency and delivers information to the customer’s portal and email. In addition, the ability to create triple indexes and perform semantic searches greatly improved the user experience.

With the new system, ABC Services provides timely research to 80,000 users worldwide, improving customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. By alerting customers more quickly to the availability of critical new research, financial traders gain a definitive edge in the office and on the trading floor.

Other Industries

Other industries benefiting from MarkLogic Server include:

  • Government Intelligence — Identify patterns and discover connections from massive amounts of heterogeneous data.
  • Airlines — Flight manuals, service records, customer profiles.
  • Insurance — Claims data, actuary data, regulatory data.
  • Education — Student records, test assembly, online instructional material.
  • Legal — Laws, regional codes, public records, case files.


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