How To Archive Confluence Space

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You can archive space to make its content less obvious while keeping it accessible on your Confluence site. In order to archive something, you must be a space administrator.
The space’s status can be changed from archived to current whenever you wish it to be fully viewable again.

Archive a space

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Overview from the bottom of the sidebar
  2. Choose Edit Space Details
  3. Select Archived in the Status dropdown menu

Choose Save

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Space Details
  1. Choose Browse > Space Admin from the header
    Note: The Space Admin option appears only if you have space admin permissions, or if you’re part of the ‘confluence-administrators’ group.
    The ‘Edit Space Details’ screen appears.
  2. Select Archived from the Status dropdown menu

Choose Save

A space’s impact after being archived

If a space is archived:

  • The Confluence quick navigation tool, which appears when you input text in the search field, doesn’t display the pages or other material.
  • The pages and other content are by default excluded from the Confluence search results. There is an option to add archived spaces in the search results on the search screen if a Confluence site has any.
  • The space and its pages don’t appear on the dashboard.
  • The space is not present in dropdown options for selected spaces. Similarly, none of Confluence’s dropdown menus contain any of its pages or other information.
  • The general space lists in the space directory won’t include the archived space. However, the archived spaces tab shows the spaces that have been archived. In accordance with their labels, they’ll likewise be visible on the category tabs.

The following features are still accessible for archived spaces:


Archiving unused Confluence space is the greatest option to increase the effectiveness and performance of the Confluence instance. This improves the search operation performance.