How to boost your CI / CD performance.

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The software companies are trying to cope with this competition in delivering solutions as fast as possible.So CI/CD solutions have become a day to day practise to develop and deliver softwares with ease and flexibility.

Today we will acknowledge some of the best practise that would certainly maximize performance and reliability.

1 -Environment Reset

It is always a good practise to reset your environment after a deployment. After every deployment there are many configuration changes so performing many deployments back to back can make it difficult to track the changes.

So it will be good to clean up after every deployment.

NOTE : Use Docker containers to build the pre-production environment.

2- Follow proper commit strategy in CI/CD.

Make it a habit of commmitting regularly.To increase deployment speed it is helpful.Regular commits help to obtain chunk of code everyday.

Not making this commit regularly can make the bugged code big enough for fixing.So keep committing and reducing the time of delivery.

3- Right order of the test .

The main motive of CI/CD Is fast deployment and delivery.So to deploy any version of application the test should be done quickly.To do this the test taking less time should be done first.Then the other test should be followed.

We all know that unit test , component test are fast so they should be performed first.Other test can be done later on. This will ensure that time is saved in giving feedback to developer.At end it would result in faster delivery.

4- Why we should build once ?

A not unusualplace misstep is to create a brand new construct for every level. Rebuilding the software program for exclusive environments dangers inconsistencies being brought and way you can’t be assured that every one preceding assessments have passed.

Instead, the equal construct artifact must be promoted through every level of the CI/CD pipeline and in the end launched to live. Putting this into exercise calls for the construct to be surroundings-agnostic.

Any variables, authentication parameters, configuration documents or scripts must be known as via way of means of the deployment script as opposed to being included into the construct itself. This permits the equal construct to be deployed to every surroundings for testing, with every level growing the team’s self belief in that unique construct artifact.

Well it will be a good practise if the configuration files , deployment files all are in same repo where the application is.

5 – The branching should be minimum

The motive of ci/cd is to integrate changes as early as possible.So less number of branches let it do early as ci/cd systems are set to monitor the changes to one or few branches.

To take benefit of the advantages that CI provides, it’s miles pleasant to restriction the wide variety and scope of branches on your repository. Most implementations recommend that builders devote without delay to the principle department or merge adjustments from their local branches in as a minimum as soon as a day. There are branches that work as a liability to the repository and the main branch.

6 – Test it on your local system first.

The must to do thing should be to run the test on your local system first.So it will help you to discover the failure as early as possible.Running test on your local system will give the bug details.This will help it remove before moving to production.


So the above points are must to remember before moving to CI/CD .These points will help you to create a flexible working result model.Follow the above points to get the best for the fast delivery of application.


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Rishivant is a enthusiastic devops learner at Knoldus. He believes in going 1% up everyday and showcases his learning in his work.