How to Change MySQL Root Password in Ubuntu

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As we all know a password is a secret word or phrase which can be a series of letters or numbers that you need to know in order to be allowed into a place. Let’s suppose a situation in which you have forgotten your mysql root password, so here is a solution for you. So, let’s start!

Step 1: Check the version of MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04

Firstly we need to check the version of your MySQL because this blog contains the solution of changing the root password on version 8 or higher. If the version of your MySQL is lower than 8, then the solution will be different. 

Step 2: Stop the MySQL server

To change the MySQL root password, you first need to shut down the MySQL server, and you can do so using the command:

Now check the status of the MySQL server to verify using the following command:

Step 3: Skip Grant Tables & Networking

To start the MySQL server without granting the tables and networking check, set the environment variable MYSQLD_OPTS which MySQL uses on startup.

Now, the environment variable is set.

Step 4: Start the MySQL service

After setting the environment variable MYSQLD_OPTS, start the MySQL service now using the command:

Step 5: Sign In to the MySQL shell

You can now log in to the MySQL root account without a password using the command:

Step 6: Change the root password

Now, flush the privileges first and run the following command:

Select the MySQL database.

Replace your_password_here with your own.

Step 7: Kill all MySQL processes & Restart the MySQL service

First of all, kill all the processes of MySQL before even restarting the MySQL server.

Now, restart the MySQL server using the command given below.

Step 9: Check and login by your new password

Now, Log in to the MySQL shell with your newly set password:

You’re all done!

This is it. MySQL’s root password is successfully changed.


In this blog we have learned to change the MySQL root password on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS system. I hope you find this blog helpful.Thanks for being with me till the end. If you liked this blog, do share it with your friends. 


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