How to connect TN Assets Db to UI in Webmethods 10.11

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Software Ag’s Webmethods suite contains products that broaden your horizon. When it comes to building Integration solutions or integration of cloud-based applications with on-premise systems. Trading Networks assets (TN Assets) like Partners, Business Documents, Processing Rules, TPA, etc. Needs to be migrated from the older version to the latest.

Problem Statement

Imagined you have Installed the latest 10.11 MywebmethodServer for the first time and you are unable to see your Assets. Even though you can view them on your Database by connecting to your TN Schema.

TN Assets


To see the TN Assets on the UI, you need to follow a few steps-

  1. Go to the TN Server tab (My webmethods-> System Setting-> TN Servers) and add the details about your TN Servers, which include adding the TN Config Name, TN Host and TN Port. Now go back to the Export Asset tab and see if the data is populated or not.
  2. If not go to your Integration Server -> JDBC Pool for TN and check if you are connecting to the right TN Schema.
  3. To resolve the issue check your fixes level also for the Integration Server and MYwebmethods Server.
  4. The main fixes include Trading Partner fixes and Security fixes
  5. Once you have the fixes aligned, you need to migrate a few of the components. For this first go to the Software_Ag_directory/common/db/bin. Now run the below migration commands-

Migration Commands for Migrating TN Assets

a. Migrate TradingNetworks Component 

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component TradingNetworks –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

b. Migrate TradingNetworksArchive Component 

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component TradingNetworksArchive –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

c. Migrate MywebemthosServer Component

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component MywebMethodsServer –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

d. Migrate ISInternal Component

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component ISInternal –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

e. Migrate CentralConfiguration Component

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component CentralConfiguration –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

f. Migrate CommonDirectoryServices Component

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component CommonDirectoryServices –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

g. Migrate TaskEngine Component

./ –action migrate –dbms oracle –component TaskEngine –version latest –url “db_url” –user username –password ********

6. Once the components are migrated you need to check the version of the component by running the catalog component on the respective Schemas.

Catalog Commands for Migrating TN Assets

For IS Schema, TN Schema, and MW Schema

./ -a catalog -d oracle -l “url” -u username -p *****

where username is the respective schema name

7. Now if you go to the Export Asset tab you will be able to see your TN Assets.


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