How to create a bucket on Amazon S3 and getting security credential keys?

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Amazon S3 has a simple web services interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. This blog describes :

  • how you can create buckets on S3,
  • getting credential keys,
  • where should you keep your credential keys.


First of all, you need to sign up in aws S3 after that you need to follow very simple steps:

Step1:  Go to Services -> Storage -> S3

Step2: Then click on create bucket button

Step3: Write the unique name and required region according to your need

Step4: Click on the next button

Step5: Repeat step 4

Step6: Repeat step 4

Step7: Click on create bucket button

Step8: We can see that bucket and its objects are not public so change the permission. Open the blog-1 -> click on permissions -> public access settings -> uncheck all the permissions -> save

Step9: Confirm it

Now we can see that objects can be public in the picture below:


Sending any type of request to Amazon S3, you need security credentials of your Amazon S3 account, so follow these steps:

Step1: Go to your <profile-name> -> My Security Credentials

Step2: Click on “Continue to Security credentials” -> Access Keys(access key ID and secret access key)

Step3: Click on “Create Access Key” and download or save your .csv file securely.


Step1: In your home directory, make a new folder name by “.aws”

Step2: Create a new file name by “credentials” in “.aws” folder.

Step3: Keep your credentials in this because by default Amazon finds its security keys at this location only.

I hope that this blog will help you. In case of query, feel free to message me in the comment box. This article was first published on the Knoldus blog.


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