How to create AWS OpenSearch service domain

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Hello Readers!! In this blog, we will see how we can create an AWS OpenSearch service domain. We will see what is AWS OpenSearch along with some use cases.


Amazon OpenSearch is just a successor to Amazon ElasticSearch service. AWS offers OpenSearch service to perform log analytics, real-time monitoring, visualizing up to petabytes of unstructured data, and many more. 

AWS OpenSearch helps us to perform search and analytical tasks. In the year 2021, AWS Elasticsearch was renamed to OpenSearch. 


  1. Monitor and debug applications and infrastructure
  2. Manage security and event information
  3. Enable seamless personalized search

Let’s create an OpenSearch domain:

Step 1: Open AWS Management Console. Go to AWS OpenSearch and we will create here a domain. Basically, domains are the clusters with settings instance types, instance counts, and storage resources that we will specify.


Click on Create domain.

Step 2: Give here the domain name according to your choice.

name of domain

Step 3: It also gives you the option of the custom endpoint. Each Amazon OpenSearch Service domain has an auto-generated endpoint, but you can also add a custom endpoint using AWS Certificate Manager (ACM).


Step 4: Select here deployment type. It gives you three types of deployment i.e production, development, testing, and custom deployment. So, choose it according to your need and select here the version of OpenSearch. Inside the version, you can also choose the ElasticSearch version.

deployment type

Step 5: Enable Autotune. Actually, by default, it is enabled. It analyzes cluster performance and makes sure it has no downtime by doing its scalability.

auto tune

Step 6: Now do the configuration for your data nodes. Select here a number of availability zone and the type of instances for your cluster.

data nodes

Choose also a number of nodes.


For storage, choose storage type and storage size per node.


Step 7: You can also use dedicated master nodes for improving the stability of your domain.

dedicated master nodes

Step 8: For the network choose internet or VPC access according to your need.


So, I am choosing here Public access.

Step 9: Here I will create a master user for more fine-grained access control to my OpenSearch. Give here the username and password for further use.

We will use this username and password at the time of login in the dashboard.

Step 10: Select Access Policy.

access policy

Step 11: You can also add tags to describe your domain. It is optional according to your choice.


Step 12: Lastly Review all your configurations and finally click on Create button. It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete its setup. 

OS setup

Domain status is in a loading state right now. Let’s wait.

After waiting 15 mins it’s in the active state now. Here you will get OpenSearch dashboard URL and domain endpoint.


OpenSearch Dashboards:

Now, let’s move to the OpenSearch dashboard and there we will add some sample data for visualization.

Click on the link. Enter your username and password which you have given in the above steps.

OpenSearch login

Let’s add sample data and visualize it in the dashboard. I will add here sample flight data. 

login os

Click on Add data.

add data

 I will add here sample flight data. This is the dashboard.

os dashboard

So, you can search your data, and analyze your data by adding filters. Also, you can create your own dashboard here.

So, This is all about how we can use the AWS OpenSearch service in an efficient way. 

We are all done now!!


Thank you for sticking to the end. In this blog, we have learned how we can create AWS OpenSearch service domain. So, This is really very quick and simple. If you like this blog, please share my blog and show your appreciation by giving thumbs-ups, and don’t forget to give me suggestions on how I can improve my future blogs that can suit your needs.


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