How To Create Bucket On Google Cloud Platform:

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Hello Folks.. I hope you all are doing fine. So in this blog we are going to learn about how to create bucket on google cloud platform.

So what’s the cloud storage is :

A cloud storage allows worldwide storage and retrieval of any amount of data at anytime you can use cloud storage for a range of scenarios including serving website content storing data or distributing large data objects to users.

We are direct download now within a cloud storage we are going to make today is a bucket it is a flexible scalable and durable storage option for your VM instances

You can read and write files to it from almost anywhere so you can use buckets as a common storage between your instances.

So here we go and let us firstly begin with the cloud console and then move to Storage and storage is here and within storage we have to go to the browser :

And now we create a bucket so click on create bucket :

Now we have to name the bucket and let me tell you that the name should be unique so I give my bucket name i.e mayuri-bucket1

If you give your bucket name and it’s give warning to you so don’t panic just rename your bucket.

After doing this we have to select default storage class you may select what ever you want. i am selecting in multi-regional and location is asia :

After that just click on create button : and i didn’t go in advance settings :

Afetr that this is the bucket details we are getting here.

Now we need to upload the files then click on upload files then select from any files on any locations.

So I am going to select desktop to boto3 folder and in this i select file :

After that in the right side corner i got message of finished.It means the data has been uploaded in a cloud. so yes this is my file.

Now; we have to make it fully access, partially access,

however you want to need so this public access column is mentioned as not public so it is not public :

So we need to edit it so go to on edit access :

Now add item and select whatever you want to give i select user here to whom i to share this.

Then write the name and give the reader access and then click on the save button:

Now; it is a public access after that just copy the url from here :

Now just copy the url and paste it in a new tab and here this my file that i had uploaded this and this is what we need to do :

Now; I am going to delete the bucket so that no storage is getting waste and it may cost less.

So select the bucket name and click on delete button :

So; the bucket is successfully delete.

Conclusion :

So in this blog we learn about how to create bucket on google cloud platform.

I hope this blog will help you to create a bucket on GCP.

Happy Learning.

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